Menopause Symptoms and Sex


Menopause is the time in a female’s life when she stops menstruating and therefore could no more bear children, according to Web Physician. While the hormonal modifications in a menopausal female’s body could damage formerly appreciated tasks, including sexual intercourse, this phase in life does not necessarily imply the end of sex, keeps in mind ‘Female’s Day Magazine.’

Types Of Symptoms

During menopause, a variety of awkward signs can create lowered sexual interest, inning accordance with Net Physician. Genital dry skin usually occurs with menopause and can make sexual intercourse painful sometimes. Hot flashes and sweating strikes are generally unusual but could cause lots of discomfort that makes sex seem useless by comparison.

Causes Of Symptoms

Reduced estrogen manufacturing comes with menopause and also often creates symptoms like genital dryness along with loss of flexibility in the vaginal canal, inning accordance with Internet Physician. Reduced estrogen degrees additionally tend to minimize sexual need, especially in ladies who really did not necessarily always delight in sex-related relations prior to menopause.


Taking estrogen can assist boost sexual desire yet brings a lot of adverse effects and also thus should be conserved and also with a medical professional’s guidance, according to Net Doctor. Likewise, over the counter lotions and also lubricants could aid minimize vaginal dry skin as well as make intercourse extra enjoyable, according to ‘Female’s Day Magazine.’

Incidence Of Sex-related Difficulties

About 20 to 45 percent of menopausal ladies struggle with decreased libido, inning accordance with Epigee. In some cases the decreased sex drive isn’t always brought on by lowered estrogen levels in the body, but rather by women thinking societal misconceptions such as that older individuals need to not even try to make love, notes ‘Female’s Day Publication.’ A poor body-image before menopause also makes a female a lot more most likely to stay clear of sex for emotional factors after menopause.


Women can still get sexually transmitted conditions after menopause, keeps in mind ‘Woman’s Day Magazine.’ Staying clear of vulnerable sex is still crucial even though pregnancy can’t happen as soon as menopause is completed. Additionally, sometimes females utilize testosterone therapies to attempt to fight lowered libido, inning accordance with Epigee. This method is still also new to be researched and also could be harmful as a result of a potential threat of triggering cancer cells in women.

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