World's Fittest Cosplayers: King Of The North

World's Fittest Cosplayers

Chris Mason a.k.a King Of The North from Warrington, England loves video games and motion pictures. It’s this love that brings him to cosplay, and how! All the characters he cosplays need significant devotion to look the part, and he does it by training difficult and dieting right. Continue reading to learn his regular …

Exactly what do you do when you are not cosplaying?
Besides being a huge gamer and motion picture buff, I invest a lot of time investigating additional cosplays and training in the fitness center. I train in a different way for my specific characters so my training sessions are constantly altering and progressing, based upon the various characters that I’m intending to represent. For Bane, I looked at the character and invested extra time working my delts and arms, so I’d look the part in the tactical vest. For Chris Redfield, I saw that his most outstanding physical qualities are his forearms and triceps muscles, so I offered them additional attention.
I’ve the tendency to select cosplays that match my appearance or that offer me an objective. I enjoy action films, comics and games, and take pleasure in depicting fascinating and complex heroes and villains.

Any funny anecdotes about cosplaying?
The funniest scenario I found myself in was after doing a photoshoot in a convention center car park as Bane. A bunch of us were strolling up the stairs when a passer-by pointed at me from a distance and screamed ‘MAN THAT BANE IS HENCH!’ I couldn’t assist however break out chuckling, which must’ve looked funny given that I was totally dressed as Bane with the mask.


Tell us about your diet.

I try to adhere to a rigorous low carb, high protein diet plan, of mostly chicken busts, fish, potatoes and broccoli for my midday and evening meals. I eat porridge for morning meal and my in-between meals consist of whey protein with either nuts or a piece of fruit. I likewise take Omega Fives in the morning.

When did you begin training? Explain your regular training regimen. Do you’ve any physical hobbies?
I started training with weights six years earlier and in 6 months I was addicted. I enjoyed to see the modifications in myself, the increase in strength and the muscle type and shape. I started training in Mixed Martial Arts a little later and added a lot of cardio and explosive exercises into my routine to help aid this hobby.
I tend to train at least 6 times a week, doing 30 minutes of cardio day-to-day and working each body part twice a week. I train my shoulders and back together, chest and legs together and arms individually. I attempt to keep my rest periods short and my strength high.

My first session of the week for each body part consists mostly of heavy weights for 6-10 representatives, usually going up in weight with each additional set.
On my second session of the week I’ll just do a couple of heavy sets, the other exercises will certainly be very high representative, of approximately 50 reps and extremely sets, like for instance, tricep head crushers directly into close grip press.
I’ve also started doing double drop sets. As an example, I’d complete a set of side lateral raises, grab a pair of lower weight dumbbells and carry out the workout once again for as lots of reps as I can, then drop to an even lower weight and do it once again.

My routines continuously alter and evolve and I am constantly willing to learn and listen from others. I’ve just recently been doing tri sets on my arms after checking out a post on Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s training. 3 workouts back to back on arms or triceps e.g.: preacher curls into barbell curls into dumbbell curls. The strength is exceptionally high and the exercises are extremely hard.

Bane Cosplay

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Inspirations: Dwayne Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Lee and George St Pierre

Catchphrase: If the bar’s not bending, you are pretending!

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