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While I began exercising, I always heard individuals saying, ‘Don’t secure your knee’. I was uncertain what they indicated. Why on earth one would wish to ‘lock’ his knees with pad lock and how?

After clarifying with fitness teachers, I then realized it’s a term utilized to inform individuals not to align their legs totally during workout. Whether you’re making use of resistance machine or free weights, don’t secure your knees to a fully straight position.

Why Not Lock Your Knees?

  • This act will lock it at the array of motion and making the knee to sustain the weights and not your muscles. Your muscles ought to be the one doing the work. So, rather of establishing your muscles, you’re risking your knee.
  • Yes, the soft cells of the joint are vulnerable to pressure and you may injure them for excellent.


In fact, not just in weight training, individuals who cycle or doing yoga or doing various other activity that puts additional weight on knee, be sure not to lock your knees. If you doubt, ask the trainer. Care for your knees. You can not manage to harm your knee cartilage.