When grains are refined into flour or grains, the main issue is loss of nutrients. This is clarified in the post Why Flour Is Like Sugar. If you grind your own grains or use items that are made from the entire grain without discarding anything, you get all or many of the nutrients of the original grain. Grains that have been broken apart in any means will be digested more swiftly. That’s a large drawback for diabetics as well as dieters.


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Carbohydrates are long chains of sweets, and only single sweets can be absorbed from your intestines right into your blood stream. The foods that create quick increase in blood sugar level are those that are digested most promptly, the worst offenders are sugar and also anything made from flour. When you consume whole grains (seeds), it takes a long period of time to damage apart the pill, different the carbs from the fiber, and totally absorb each grain. Your blood glucose increases gradually, remains a little raised for a long period of time (so you don’t really feel hungry again right after eating) and never ever reaches the high degrees that come from sugar or flour.

Don’t be misinformed by prominent writers that tell you gluten is the offender, flours made from rice, corn as well as opposite gluten-free sources trigger the same high rise in blood sugar level as flour made from wheat.

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Grains that are consumed as whole seeds are also a lot more filling up and satisfying considering that they have a lot more bulk as well as take longer to break. Component of their bulk originates from water: each seed inflates when it chefs and also absorbs water, which is carried in the grain until it is entirely broken in your digestion tract. (The water you drink, on the opposite hand, is taken in straight from your tummy practically as quickly as it arrives. Water and also various other fluids do not ‘fill you up.’) Refined grains take in some water when you prepare them, but much less compared to the whole seeds, as well as the water is divided out faster during the intestinal procedure. The majority of people could effortlessly eat two or 3 cups of pasta, however you will locate that you feel full with merely a mug of whole grains, and even less.


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The entire grains are crunchy as well as take even more time to consume. Several of the seeds are disintegrated by your eating, but not all them. Several of the grains may also go through your system undigested. On the opposite hand, anything made from flour or grains that have actually been reduced, flaked, rolled or shredded has been thoroughly pre-chewed and pre-digested for you. You may get all the nutrients of the whole grains, however you don’t get the full benefits of bulk and also slow transportation through your digestive system.

Whole grain pastas, breads and cereals are certainly much better compared to refined grain products, but to obtain ALL the benefits of whole grains, eat the seeds themselves.