White Spring Vs. Red Spring Longboards

White Spring Vs. Red Spring Longboards

Similar to rollerblading and bike riding, longboarding is a form of active transportation that you can utilize to obtain from one place to another. It can likewise be an exciting sport involving speed and cutting-edge maneuvers in various places. To ensure optimum control while longboarding, use proper springs on the trucks of the boards. The type of springs you pick for your board will rely on factors such as weight and riding experience.


Tension springs are attached to longboard trucks and regulate the amount of stress launched throughout turns. Like skateboards, trucks link the wheels to the board and permit riders to quickly steer and turn. Longboard makers gear up most longboards with black stress springs. However, for riders who want to adjust the feel of their longboards, white tension springs and red tension springs are available to enhance resistance. Black, red and white springs offer varying degrees of stress when sculpting, or moving boards from side to side when increasing speed.

Red Springs

Longboards with red stress springs are suited for riders in between 160 and 200 pounds. Red springs offer medium stress and permit you to carry out technical techniques and stunts, as well as ride at greater speeds. Tightening up the trucks with red springs likewise supplies even more control for turns without compromising energy or stability.

White Springs

White tension springs are developed for heavier longboard riders weighing about 200 pounds or more. White spring longboards are implied to provide bigger riders the very same speed and maneuverability as lighter riders who use red stress springs. Because the trucks on some longboards are loose, these longboards are also very responsive to sculpting, downhill riding and complimentary riding. Moreover, black or white stress springs may reduce the longboard’s feedback time and speed if the rider is above the recommended weight restriction.


Although white springs and red springs allow longboard riders to personalize the feel of their flights, these springs are better for skilled riders. White and red stress springs increase rider feedback toward the center of the board. The increased stress enables more powerful transitions out of turns. If you’re a lighter rider or have little experience on longboards, use black or all-around tension springs. Since all-around springs are for different sorts of longboarding – driving, downhill, complimentary riding and carving – they provide the widest array of change and the least amount of tension.

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