After more than a decade as an individual fitness instructor, Rick Richey understood the limits of helping corporate gyms.

As a trainer of trainers, he attempted to instruct pupils not simply the minutia of human activity that they would certainly require to be successful, yet also the best ways to build a company as independent instructors. Yet he realized that an essential piece of infrastructure was missing– a gym for independent training.

So in June, Richey, which is also a faculty trainer for the National Academy of Sports Medication (NASM), opened Independent Training Place (ITS), a 2nd flooring workshop room in Midtown, two blocks north of Madison Square Park.

It’s like the Regus office leasing but also for gym room, Rickey claimed. There are no subscriptions, certified individual instructors as well as massage therapy therapists pay a flat charge per session ($30 or less if they buy in bulk), and train their clients in the completely equipped space. Richey assists them with business suggestions, provides regular trainings, and also will aid evaluate issues they or their clients have.

‘I merely like the idea of fitness instructors being self-sufficient, increasing their craft, increasing their ability, as well as making use of that that can help increase their company,’ Richey said.

‘If I can assist their customers improve, relocate much better, and feel far better much faster, then I could return to taking note of my clients, which are the trainers themselves.’

But even more than simply business design, instructors who go there state the way the space is established up, the professionalism and trust of Richey as well as various other fitness instructors, and also the little things Richey does, are exactly what makes ITS the area they intend to bring their clients.

Personal fitness instructor Anthony Baugh said at the very least 4 of his customers said he was ‘a lot more inspired in the area.’ And he thinks he’s not alone in this.

Rick Rickey at Independent Training Spot, the gym he founded for independent personal trainers, in Manhattan, on Nov. 20, 2014. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times), fitness equipment

‘I’m very certain I can say that for most of the fitness instructors that enter there,’ he said.

Baugh started concerning ITS at the start of the summer season, when disenchantment with company health clubs made him choose to go entirely independent. He had actually taken a rehabilitative workout class with Richey a year and also an one-half earlier, so when a friend informed him regarding ITS, he went to inspect it out as well as decided it was a location ‘I really felt comfy taking my customers to.’

Another fitness instructor, Chris Hale, just recently chose to become independent and also switched over a lot of his clients from a business health club establishing to ITS. He claimed he locates ITS to be a more loosened up environment that ‘aids individualize the training experience,’ as well as his clients like it.

He also appreciates the kind of tools and also the clearance there, which he finds jobs actually well for sports training.

Both state Richey’s consultation and/or the massage work he’s offered their clients have actually been helpful.

Aaron Drogoszewski, one more NASM trainer, claimed that Richey truly sets the tone at ITS by dealing with people as well as the information that make their lives a little easier– like brewing a fresh pot of coffee for trainers every morning.

Gear at the Spot

ITS is the adult-sized health club version of a Montessori classroom.

There’s a large open lane in the facility, with, as Baugh explained them, ‘toys’ down either side.

Hale stated ITS is like a combination laboratory, workshop, and also playground.

The wall surfaces are lined with all dimensions of rounds, bands, bars, ropes, cords, sleds, and also weights.

Trainers integrate these standard techniques in innovative means– like Montessori students finish with discovering materials in the class– as well as Richey stated instructors can do as much or more with them as they could possibly with even more specific equipment.

ITS likewise has some lesser-known customized tools, consisting of a 10-foot turning steel ladder that could lean onward to replicate the workout of climbing up an overhang. Fitness instructor Douglas Taurel stated he used this ladder as a way to educate to climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro and also that it gives a terrific cardio, glute, and also leg-burning workout.

Another set of versatile devices are ape bars and 4 gladiator wall surfaces– sets of horizontal wooden bars fastened to the wall.

The monkey bars have holes at differing heights for J-hooks, so fitness instructors could place bars at whatever elevation they desire. Elastic bands and also ropes can be affixed to the gladiator bars in all form of ways for a pretty total workout, Richey said.

‘Essentially the gladiator wall surface could be utilized as a station for nearly every little thing you would certainly intend to do.’

ITS additionally has full sets of boxing as well as kickboxing gear, as well as a Muay Thai boxing bag.

Richey intentionally left the clearance in the facility, considering that one emphasis at ITS is performance enhancement and also to enhance performance ‘you have to have the ability to relocate.’

‘There are quite couple of toughness trainers which will say all you need to do is lift weights to improve your performance,’ he said.

What you will not find at ITS are treadmills, weight lifting devices, or barely any type of tool you can rest on– a solid function of mostly all various other gyms. Richey selected not to have fixed-motion devices, despite the fact that these are what many folks are useded to, since he says the most up to date wisdom in the training globe is that these kinds of machines don’t actually boost performance.

‘There is research study after research study that shows that using barbells increases efficiency greater than utilizing machine-based weights,’ Richey said.

‘If you have a basketball player, as well as you desire him to leap higher, it’s clear that you don’t place him on a machine, considering that a machine sustains your butt, assists your back, and when you leap, nothing assists your butt or your back. So exactly how does that really associate with the activity?’

Because the equipment at ITS is not exactly what many instructors are made use of to, Richey welcomes them ahead have fun with it before they bring their clients.

‘I encourage instructors to come in and acquire a workout in as soon as, prior to having their clients come so they can acquaint themselves with the facility as well as equipment.’

Clients at Independent Training Spot, in Manhattan, Nov. 20, 2014. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times), fitness exercise

Education and Therapy

Trainer education and learning is a big component of the ITS design. Richey himself sometimes leads workshops, and also every 2 weeks he arranges workshops led by outside presenters. Topics include how you can do self-myofascial release, airborne acrobatic drills, partner-assisted stretching, and metabolic training. Workshops are open to all individual trainers, not simply to those that train clients at ITS.

ITS additionally organizes workshops for NASM and also other firms and also is the new house of the Brookbush Institute of Human Activity Science, a movement education business established by NASM instructor Brent Brookbush, Ph.D.

Brookbush that has his doctorate in bodily therapy, additionally runs his practice from ITS, responds to concerns personal trainers have, as well as takes referrals from them as well as Richey.

Certified physical specialists could additionally rent time on either therapy tables, if their customers do not mind being dealt with generally space of the gym.

Starting in 2015, ITS will also hold the Everlast F.I.T. Club, a lesson for both trainers and also customers who are working on their fight sport skills.

Also next year, ITS will organize Everlast’s F.I.T. certification for fitness instructors that desire to be accredited to train their clients to box as well as kickbox.


Overall, fitness instructors that go there are exceptionally positive concerning their encounter at ITS, saying it’s one of the cleanest, uncrowded, uncompetitive (among trainers) health clubs they’ve been to.

Of the few constraints pointed out is the reality that given the dimension of the gym, 2,500 square feet, simply 8 fitness instructors can be on the floor at once, so they need to arrange meticulously. Absolutely nothing could be fallen (ITS is on the 2nd floor, so the lease specifies this), as well as there are just two showers.

But these and other small quirks of growing a business are more compared to made up for by the supportive environment.

‘This is definitely the healthiest, most favorable, a lot of supportive, training environment I have actually ever had the opportunity of working in. … As well as a whole lot of that pertains to Rick. Rick’s simply an actually favorable individual as well as truly supportive, and he simply really has a go at to assist everyone,’ Brookbush said.

Independent Training Spot
1 E. 28th St.

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