What`s Making My Hair Gorgeous: Fekkai or Bom Dia?

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Something impressive has occurred atop my head the last few months: my hair looks shinier, healthier, more vibrant than it has in years. (Like in over Twenty Years, given that I was a teenager and my hair always looked healthy.)

I have not colored it because last summer so I know it’s not that. In fact, when I initially noticed this hair makeover it was around the moment I need to have been discovering the few grays I have and considering tinting again.

Instead, I saw my hair had transformed color on its own. Not entirely changed, but the brownish was richer and enhanced by a vivid sugar overtone. Pretty. I ‘d never ever seen it look so healthy!

But, like I claimed above, I had not done anything to it. The only things I’ve done differently are consume a Bom Dia acai consume (with mangosteen) virtually every day and also use Frederic Fekkai Glossing Lotion every various other day. (I only clean my hair every various other day.)

I’m thinking one, or perhaps the 2 of them with each other, are at fault for my newly found wonderful hair.

Why the Bom Dia’s Acai Consume alcohol Could Be To Blame

I love this beverage since not only does it taste good (to me, it’s except everyone), it’s loaded with nutrients. (I semi-joke that it lets me drink my vitamins since it’s that loaded with them.)

But currently I’m thinking it could not be so amusing and I could be on to something. Minerals and vitamins which add to healthy hair include Vitamin C, B-vitamins, vitamin E, and magnesium. (Simply among others.)

Guess what Bom Dia’s acai is loaded with?

Why the Frederic Fekkai Glossing Lotion Could be To Blame

I came across this item when Bath and Body Functions provided me a totally free sample of the Glossing Lotion when I acquired a bunch of various other things. I right away liked it since I have wavy hair that has the tendency to frizz and this things subjugated it like nothing else.

One of the factors it may function so well is since it’s got olive oil in it. Presume just what olive oil’s a good resource of? Vitamin E. (Along with potentially vitamin K in some cases, another thing in Bom Dia’s acai. I have no idea if it assists hair or otherwise, though.)

The Price of Beauty

However, Frederic Fekkai products, while effective, are also pricey. I use my Discover Cashback Benefits to obtain a Bath as well as Body Works gift card, which I utilize in the direction of the purchase of my precious Glossing Cream. Which runs in between $25 as well as $35 per tube depending upon which size I get. (Not that the Bom Dia acai beverages are affordable. They’re between $8-$ 10 for a one litre bottle.)

But to have my hair resembling this? It’s worth every dime. (Bonus offer: if the Bom Dia is responsible for aiding my hair look this great, imagine what it should be providing for my insides!)

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