What Is a Medium Grip on a Barbell?

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Barbells are a fundamental tool in bodybuilding and muscle development. This essential piece of physical fitness devices lets you work multiple major muscle groups. Nevertheless, different hand-grip widths are needed to perform various workouts. If you’re brand-new to bodybuilding and weightlifting exercises, instructions for hand placement on barbells can end up being complicated, triggering you to potentially perform exercises improperly. Put in the time to end up being knowledgeable about several standard grip approaches to guarantee you get the most from your workout while reducing your threat of injury.

Grip Widths

In weightlifting, there are 3 standard grip widths– a slim grip, medium grip and large grip. Different exercises require various grip widths, but a medium grip is the most usual. A medium grip is attained by understanding the bar with your hands roughly shoulder-width apart. Accomplish this by stretching your arms directly out in front of you and understanding the barbell. Nevertheless, some fitness enthusiasts modify grip widths for workouts that require you to have a medium, shoulder-width grip. For instance, the bench press is occasionally performed with your hands somewhat bigger than shoulder-width, but modifying suggested grip widths can result in injury. Have a licensed physical fitness trainer instruct you on appropriate grip widths of different workouts.

Target Muscles

A medium grip assists you target certain muscles, but customizing your grip width focuses on various muscles. For instance, the traditional bench press is typically carried out with either a medium or somewhat wider grip to target the chest– or pectoral– muscles. Nevertheless, if you use a narrower grip, this exercise will instead target your triceps. While you’ll still utilize your chest muscles to complete the exercise, your chest will be considered a secondary muscle worked throughout narrow-grip bench presses.

Other Grip Types

While grip width might vary with different weightlifting exercises, you might also be needed to use an overhand, underhand or blended grip. For example, bench presses require an overhand grip, with your palms facing far from you. Barbell curls require you to make use of an underhand grip, with your palms facing you at the height of the exercise. However, specific workouts that need you to draw a heavy weight, such as deadlifts, might trigger you to make use of a blended grip– underhand for one hand and overhand for the other.


A medium-grip width might differ in between individuals and depends upon your size. For example, an individual with a small bone structure may place their hands 18 inches apart to perform a medium grip, while somebody with a bigger bone structure could’ve a 24-inch space between their hands for a medium grip. Usual weightlifting workouts that need a medium-width grip include bench presses, deadlifts, barbell curls, bent-over rows, barbell shoulder presses and barbell shrugs. For any of these exercises, understand bench so that your hands are in line with your shoulders.