Triceps Workout (5) – Tricep Kickback with Dumbbell

Many women do not intend to have loose and flabby arms and also want to have actually toned triceps muscles like Madonna. Triceps muscles Kickback (also recognized as Bent Over Kickback) is a suitable workout to entirely focus and separate on the triceps. This exercise calls for ideal type to be done successfully.


  1. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand and also put your left knee on a bench. Lean ahead and also place your left hand on the bench for support.
  2. Your right foot must be flat on the flooring as well as best knee a little bent.
  3. Keep your back right. I used to disregard this component till some one told me I need to maintain my back straight.
  4. Keeping the elbow joint in area, push the dumbbell back and also up by expanding the arm in reverse. Pause when your lower arm is nearly alongside the floor.
  5. Then, and slowly go back to the beginning position.
  6. After the set, change the dumbbell to the other hand and continue with one more arm.
  7. You can do 8 to 12 repeatings for one set. Do 3 collections for every arm.


  • If you feel the shed in the rear of your arm, yes, you are doing it correctly.
  • Make certain your tricep is always alongside the ground throughout the exercise.
  • To ensure proper type, look in the mirror to see that your elbow is fixed versus your side, and the expansion of the joint is complete.

  • Make use of the contraction in the back of your arm to straighten your joint. Prevent jerking or ‘securing’ your elbow joint.
  • Some people prefer to look ahead. If you is not comfy with the strain at your neck, by all methods, you can look down towards the floor so that your head and neck are in line with your torso.
  • If you do not have a bench at house, you could utilize a chair.
  • Worse, you can bend over without the assistance of a bench (as revealed in the layouts below), yet you could find the workout is more challenging to carry out without assistance of a bench or chair.

With the formed triceps, go ahead and use those short-sleeved t-shirts. Go sleeveless!

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