Track Star Booty Exercises

Track Star Booty Exercises

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A track star booty describes the curve, tone and definition attained in the gluteal muscles by track stars and other runners. In addition to aerobic workout and stamina training, strength training is a necessary part of any track star’s workout routine. Glute fortifying helps increase hip stability, alignment and power when running as well as constructs muscle mass in this region. Building and toning your gluteal muscles will help you get a track star booty.

Single Leg Deadlift

This single leg deadlift strengthens your hips and glutes and enhances your balance. In boosting these muscles, you start to develop the muscle mass needed to have your own track star booty. Stand up straight with your knees somewhat bent and arms at your sides. From this position, flex your upper torso forward while raising your left leg back and behind you. Continue to bend until your leg and torso make a straight line that’s parallel with the ground. Hold this position for five seconds prior to standing back up. Repeat with both legs until fatigued. Do this workout prior to your routine running regimen.

Cable Hip Abduction

This hip abduction workout strengthens and tones your butts and hips while in the gym, helping you develop and shape your own track star booty. Stand in front of a hip abduction device and select a suitable weight prior to starting the workout. After attaching the end of the cable television on the machine to your left ankle, stand facing perpendicular to the equipment with your left leg farthest from the machine. From this position, lift your left leg out and to your side, fighting versus the resistance till it’s at a 45-degree angle. Slowly lower your leg pull back, repeating with both legs 10 times or until you’re worn down. Perform this exercise on times off, between your regular running workouts.

Resistance Band Walk Exercise

This resistance band workout assists enhance your hips and glutes in an effort to reduce knee discomfort with reinforcing. In enhancing your legs and knees, you enhance the amount of time you can run constantly, helping you to further construct your track star booty. Stand up straight with your arms at your sides and your knees somewhat bent. From this position, put a resistance band firmly around your ankles, making it tight enough so that you feel resistance with your feet shoulder width apart. From this position, tilt your hips back while taking little 2-inch steps to your right. After performing this for 10 actions, walk back in the contrary direction, keeping your pelvis slanted the whole time. Perform this resistance band workout straight after a running exercise.

Uphill Running Exercises

In addition to enhancing your cardio strength and endurance, uphill running supplies natural resistance for your hips and glutes, helping you to build muscle and strength in these areas and in your legs. Enhancing muscle mass in these areas helps you reinforce the specific muscles that comprise a track star booty. To start, find a brief hill that’s on a 6 to 10 percent incline and takes you around a minute to climb up. Carry out 10 sprints up this hillside, running as quick as you can while keeping balance with your back and hips. Repeat until tired out. Do this exercise on days off, between your typical range runs.