Tips on Late Bat Swinging

July 26, 2014
Tips on Late Bat Swinging

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A great baseball swing requires sound mechanics. The upper and lower body collaborate, the head stays up and the eyes are focused on the baseball. When swing mechanics break down, the player has little chance of making solid contact. A late swing is an usual outcome of malfunctioning mechanics. Breaking down mechanics from top to bottom and making correct modifications is the very best way to increase bat speed.


Keep your eye on the baseball. Follow the ball from the pitcher’s hand and track it as it takes a trip toward home base. Bring your restore as the pitch is being provided and get into a good hitting position. Failing to effectively watch the baseball upsets timing and triggers a late swing. The soft toss assists a player see the baseball. Lobbing the ball at the hitter from close range enhances vision and gets the swing up to speed.

Long Swing

Shorten up your swing to enhance bat speed. Players that try striking house runs on every pitch are guilty of the long swing. The hands come back too far on the long swing, which drags the bat with the striking zone. Choke up on the bat and practice taking quick, short swings to catch up to any pitch. Striking off a tee assists shorten the swing.

Poor Footwork

When the pitcher releases the baseball, the player’s hands return and the lower body weight shifts to the back leg. The weight is rapidly moved to the front leg as the baseball approaches home plate. Hitters failing to march with the front foot and objective it at the pitcher are going to be late on the swing. Dry swing drills help a player swiftly move their weight from the back leg to the front leg while stepping directly at the pitcher with the front foot.

Bat Size

Swing the right-sized bat. Hitters determined to strike long crowning achievement often swing bats that are too heavy. A heavy bat can drive the baseball a long method when proper contact is made. Usually, a bat that’s too heavy journeys gradually with the attacking area and creates a late swing. Select a bat that’s the right weight and hold the manage with a loose, easy grip. Pressing the bat too firmly cuts down on speed.