The Weight of a Fiber Pole for Pole Vaulting

The Weight of a Fiber Pole for Pole Vaulting

The most important piece of devices for any pole vaulter is the pole. While pole vaulters in the past used poles made from steel, aluminum or bamboo, many contemporary athletes prefer fiberglass or carbon fiber poles since they’re light and simple to handle and flex well without breaking. A vaulter’s fiberglass pole option is figured out, in part, by the pole’s weight score and the athlete’s competence as a pole vaulter.

Actual Weight

According to Dave Nielsen, Idaho State University’s head track and field coach, over 90 percent of fiberglass and carbon fiber vault poles would register from 3 to 6 pounds if they were weighed resting flat on a scale. This weight is described as the pole’s lug weight. Nevertheless, pole vault poles are developed to weigh a lot more on the end that touches the ground, a weight called leveraged weight. When vaulters begin their run, they bring the pole perpendicular to the ground at a 90-degree angle. Held in in this manner, the weight that the athlete perceives is around 20 to 40 pounds.

Weight Rating

A pole vault pole’s weight score is the optimum amount of weight that an athlete can apply to the pole without the pole being in threat of breaking. Poles with a greater weight rating are likewise stiffer than poles with a lower rating. Pole vault specialists recommend that vaulters never ever use a pole with a weight rating that’s less than their body weight, and all senior high school pole vaulters are required by national track and field regulations to only make use of safe poles that have a weight score equal to their body weight.

Choosing Vault Poles

Experienced pole vaulters who’re attempting to increase the height they can vault commonly advance up from poles equaling their body weight to poles that have a weight score higher than their weight. This is due to the fact that the enhanced tightness of the poles with higher weight scores can propel vaulters greater in the air. Because longer poles also can increase a vaulter’s height, pole vault coaches commonly recommend that athletes develop to a pole with a weight rating 20 to 30 pounds over their body weight, then start practicing on a pole that’s 1 foot longer and only 10 pounds over their body weight. As soon as they’ve actually become accustomed to this pole, they can then remain to gradually advance with longer poles with higher weight scores.

Female Pole Vaulters

There’s only one instance in which a pole vaulter can safely make use of a carbon fiber or fiberglass pole that’s a weight score less than their body weight: female pole vaulters utilizing safe poles designed for guys. A better solution for female vaulters, nonetheless, is for them to utilize a pole vault pole that showcases a hand grip and weight rating designed particularly for women.