Women are more vulnerable to knee injuries– especially ACL tears– than males, baseding on Yoga Song Up founder Jill Miller. While fit knees might not appear as sexy as toned arms or a level stomach, it’s incredibly important for ladies to function on strengthening their knees at every age.

The secret to healthy knees is having solid hips to safeguard them, Miller claims. In the above #OWNSHOW video, she demonstrates a workout called Hip Hinges, an action that could easily be done at residence or integrated right into your exercise routine.

Step 1
knee strengthening exercise, fitness training

Bring your lower arms down onto a chair or tabletop. ‘Have your knees a little bent,’ Miller engagings. ‘Hips straight over ankles.’

Step 2
knee strengthening exercise, fitness goods

Tighten your core and ‘hinge’ your hip up as well as down. ‘You want to do this 12 times, acquiring the buttock as you lift the leg up as well as leaving it contracted as it decreases,’ she states. ‘This way the butt reinforces in both a concentric method and exactly what’s called an eccentric way.’

Feeling the burn? The reward will certainly be worth it. ‘Obtaining that butt good and solid is going to secure your knees over time,’ Miller says.

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