The Lobster Elite Vs. the Tennis Tutor Plus

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Tennis ball machines let you practice without a partner, sharpening one stroke at a time or exercising shot patterns for a more intense exercise. The Lobster ball machine is among the oldest brands on the market, dating to 1970, while the Tennis Tutor made its debut throughout the 1980s. Both ball devices deliver different workouts but utilize different innovations to do so.

Projection System

Lobster ball equipments make use of a pneumatic tube to deliver balls to you, while Tennis Tutors utilize turning wheels to shoot balls. The vacuum action of a Lobster device is much easier on balls but produces a louder noise, which could aggravate individuals on the court alongside you or neighbors if you are utilizing it on a court at your home. The Tennis Tutor Plus uses turning wheels that press balls prior to shooting them toward you. This triggers even more wear and tear on the balls but is much more peaceful than a pneumatic tube device.

Spin and Speed

Both the Lobster and Tennis Tutor Machines offer flat, backspin and topspin shot options. This permits you to exercise different shots the very same way you’d receive them in a match. Both ball devices let you vary the speed of the balls you get, allowing players of different skill degrees to make use of one equipment.


Both equipments provide wireless remote control systems that let you turn the ball machine on and off from throughout the web and program various shot patterns. Older ball devices offered just one ball depth per load of balls, requiring you to alter the depth manually each time. Furthermore, older ball devices can shoot balls just straight forward, though some machines had the ability to oscillate side-to-side, providing balls to two areas on the court per load.
Both the Tennis Tutor and Lobster machines let you develop or choose preprogrammed shot patterns that vary the depth, angle and spin of the ball throughout one load of balls. This lets you work your footwork and improve conditioning, instead of needing to stand in one location to deal with just one stroke or shot.

Portability and Power

Lobster and Sports Tutor offer a range of ball equipment versions, with the Lobster Elite having 7 variations, since January 2012, and the Tennis Tutor Plus having 10 variations. All of the devices offer both plug-in and battery alternatives.


As of January 2012, the Lobster Elite series machines ranged in rate from $799 to $2,499. The more pricey designs consisted of even more ball capability, external plug-in capability, greater ball speeds and more programs patterns. Tennis Tutor Plus option plans ranged from $1,299 to $2,299. Both companies provided two-year warranties on the equipments.