The Best Materials for Golf Pants

Golf is an active outdoor sport, so choose pants wisely.

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Whether you are a scratch player or a 36 handicapper, golf is a sports task. Stretching, turning, bending, bowing and kneeling are all part of the game. Use pants that’ll relocate with you which will be comfortable outdoors. Give some thought to the kind of material you choose so you can feel excellent and play well.

It’s 90% Fabric

Ben Hogan once stated that a golf club is 90 percent shaft. Also, your pants are 90 percent material. Select material based on your body type, the weather condition, your golf swing and your style sense. Preferably, golf trousers will have some stretch in the fabric to enable your trousers to relocate with you as you play. Microfiber polyester with Spandex or cotton with some Spandex are the best fiber selections, since the material has the ability to stretch and go back to its original shape. Depending upon weather, wear heavier or lighter weights. In extreme damp or cold weather, put on trousers made from windproof and waterproof polyester over your golf pants.


When you go to the health club to work out, you put on shorts or trousers that have stretch in the waist and crotch. Purchase golf pants that likewise extend in those places. If you’re restricted in the waist and crotch, you won’t be comfy. After you’ve actually picked the right trousers, get yourself a golf belt made from perforated leather and rubber, which also enables simple motion.


Choose golf pants that fit your body type. If you’re long and lean, choose trimmer fits and fabrics such as 100 percent cotton and microfiber, which are comfy and breathable. For bigger body types, buy trousers with a fuller fit, with stretch in the waist and fabric. Cotton or microfiber with Spandex could be your best choices.

New Technology

Nanotechnology has permitted pant makers to include protective properties to materials that are perfect for golfers. Search for trousers with UV defense to shield you from the sun and anti-microbial properties for odor defense. Mosquito-repellent and stain-repellent fabrics are offered to keep the bugs away and keep you looking orderly. For play in inclement weather condition, look for pants that provide wind- and water-repellent properties.

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