Stopping a Single Dominant Basketball Player

Basketball is a group game, and five players are on the floor for each side. One dominant gamer can score points in bunches and take over the game. Stopping the dominant gamer takes practice, method and effort. Devising various defensive appearances and employing multiple defenders are great ways to slow down a star basketball gamer. Physical play is another efficient method.


The box-and-one defense particularly targets a dominant basketball player. Four of the five defenders play zone defense and form a box. Two of the zone protectors place themselves at the top of the lane and the other 2 position themselves on either side of the basket. The 4 gamers form the box, and the other defender guards the dominant player. The approach provides the freelance protector total flexibility to tail the dominant player. The box protectors can supply double-team coverage when the dominant gamer enters their zone.

Double Team

Stopping a dominant player commonly needs two protective players. The approach is dangerous, since double-teaming one offensive gamer leaves another gamer wide open. Searching the opposition helps figure out which gamer to expose. Players that have trouble scoring or don’t have precise shots can be left vulnerable, allowing two protectors to stick with the dominant gamer. The method works as long as the vulnerable gamer doesn’t continuously score uncontested baskets.

Physical Play

Banging, bumping and fouling can decrease a star gamer. Physical play puts on down even the best gamers, and there’s a lot of space for contact in basketball. Fouling a dominant gamer takes the physical method to another level. Pro players are allowed 6 fouls prior to having to leave the game. Gamers in college, secondary school and all other levels are allowed 5 fouls. Bringing gamers off the bench to particularly pick up fouls can irritate– and tire– the dominant gamer.

Deny the Ball

Dominant players can’t score at will if they don’t have the basketball. Closely guarding star players far from the ball makes it hard for them to get passes. A defender should use ruthless pressure to keep the dominant player from getting the ball. Two defenders can likewise be used to deny a star gamer the basketball.

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