Step up to Fitness

October 11, 2014

Stair Workout: Step up to Fitness, fitness machines

What if we tell you about calorie burning equipment which comes free of cost and is offered everywhere! Yes, your staircase can actually help 135 pound individual to burn 8 calories per minute. Isn’t that fantastic!

If you take these steps routinely you can pump up your cardio fitness and strength.
Climbing stairs is like aerobics. It gives your flow system and your heart an energetic workout. It enhances the strength in your legs and gives you stamina to stroll.
You can begin with 25 steps and slowly increase your climb every day. This is excluding your day-to-day office program.

Do not slouch when climbing, nor can you use the railing. Keep your back put up and bend it a little forward from your hips.

Try climbing two steps at a time. It is a great workout for your quadriceps and buttocks. This exercise can be troublesome for ones with knee problems.

We understand you delight in going down the stairs than climbing. And you understand exactly what! It’s an outstanding exercise. It tones your quadriceps and hamstrings. But bear in mind do not put a lot of pressure or stress on your knees while dropping. You can be at a threat of an aching knee.

You can try alternate stepping at a moderate rate with quick intervals at a much faster pace. It can break the monotony and also enhance your thigh muscles.

Every fitness center has a step up machine, attempt investing a long time on it if you do not get time to stroll up the stairs in the house or office.