Speed-up Metabolism with Mountain Climber Exercise

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Mountain climbers is a body weight exercise and also a compound exercise. In easy words, mountain climbers do not need devices and utilizes numerous muscle groups at a time. If you want to enhance metabolic process and lower weight and reinforce the muscles, include mountain climber workout in your regimen.

How to do Mountain Climbers:

Start with the push-up position with your arm and legs extended. Flex one knee bringing it near your chest with your toes to the ground. Go back to the beginning position and do the exact same with the other leg.

Benefits of Mountain Climbers:

Besides weight loss, this exercise works for various other factors:

Heart health: The mountain climber is effective in pumping up the heart rate and this improves the blood and oxygen supply in the body. Besides improving heart wellness, mountain climber also improves the health of the lungs.

Joint movement: Improve your movement and flexibility of the joints, especially knees and hips. Mountain climbers reduces your risk of developing joint injury.

Alertness: If you’re sluggish to reflexes, enhance it up with mountain climbers. This exercise needs you to be fast and requires co-ordination.

mountain climbers

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