Softball Batting Drills Regarding Hitting a Punching Bag

Punching bags assist boxers get in shape and prepare for a battle. They can also help softball gamers become better players. Working out with a punching bag improves hand-eye coordination, bat speed and strength required for striking. Footwork is also crucial for softball players, and working out with a boxing bag improves drive and power.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Hit the boxing bag, keep an eye on its movement, and hit it once again. The drill enhances hand-eye coordination, an invaluable ability for softball players. Following the flight of pitch is the initial step to becoming a great softball player. As the softball approaches the plate, the eyes pick up the pitch and the hands pull the bat through the hitting zone to make contact. Working on swiftly connecting with the boxing bag and making continuous solid contact is an efficient drill to improve attacking.

Hand Speed

Hit the punching bag gradually initially, and slowly enhance speed. Quick hands make you a more unsafe softball player. Grasping the bat and tossing it at the pitch is an easy– and basic– principle of striking. The boxing bag speed drill assists you get the bat with the zone and on the softball in less time. Great hand speed permits you to catch up with even the fastest pitch and assists prevent strikeouts.

Strength Training

Use the punching bag to build upper body and core strength. In addition to hand-eye coordination and hand speed, attacking a softball needs strength. Working out with a boxing bag constructs muscles in the arms, shoulders and core area. Upper body strength enables you to strike the softball harder and increase range. Working out on the heavy bag targets the arms, shoulders and core, allowing you to hit for even more power.


Improve your footwork while exercising with a punching bag. Practice stepping into the bag prior to making contact. The drill is useful for softball. Players need to step at the pile with the front leg when the pitch is provided and use the back leg for support and power. Stepping at the punching bag with the front leg and driving through with the back leg is an effective drill that helps you end up being a better, more effective softball hitter.

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