Snowboarding for Toddlers

October 23, 2014
Snowboarding for Toddlers

Toddlers on snowboards make sensational Net video, but don’t hurry to the store for an unbelievably cute and small snowboard for your little one without doing some study initially. While snowboarding kids make excellent copy, they are the exception, not the guideline. Young children can learn to snowboard, but it needs a lot of time and effort, and most likely personal lessons to obtain them to remain on the board for any amount of time. Assess your child’s readiness before sending him out on the slopes as soon as he can stroll. Speak with his doctor about possible dangers.


Trying to obtain a toddler to do anything she’s not interested in can be a workout in futility. Do not discourage your toddler or yourself by insisting she try snowboarding unless you truly think she’ll want it. If your whole family snowboards, she’s most likely to desire her own snowboard. If she fusses when she’s out in the cold for five minutes, snowboarding mightn’t please her.


A kid, and older children or grownups, need specific capabilities prior to snowboarding. Snowboarding is even more than merely moving down on a hill standing on a piece of plastic. Starting small children on skis, which they’ve a much easier time controlling, according to Jon Casson of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, gives you the opportunity to examine their capability to adjust their balance and make corrections before switching over to a snowboard.

Potential Injuries

Kids are top-heavy, meanings that any time they fall over, their head is at enhanced threat of striking the ground. Since they’ve disproportionately big heads, they are likewise more likely to pitch over, Ben Boyd, director of the Ski and Snowboard Club Vail alerts. Because your feet are strapped to the board, wrist injuries from falling on an outstretched hand are the most usual snowboarding injuries, according to the ABC of Snowboarding site. Kids may not have the capability to inform you their hands or feet are too cold, so great gloves and wool or synthetic socks, not cotton, which hold moisture, are necessary.

Buying Equipment

Snowboarding devices for a toddler won’t last throughout his entire childhood, so do not buy the snowboard, boots and other gear up until you make sure he’s going to want the sport. You’ll require a snowboarding helmet, which is stronger on the sides, where most head impacts occur. Purchase a special board made simply for little children. Snowboards produced small children have a beveled edge that enables kids to turn simply by leaning toward the toe edge of the board. This removes a few of the full-body slams that happen when the board captures an edge, according to the TruSnow web site.