Snowboarding at Methow, WA

Snowboarding at Methow, WA

Despite its little size, the town of Methow, Washington, provides easy access to a few of the best ski slopes in the location. From the fairly gentle slopes of the Methow Community Trail to the 1,240-foot vertical drop of the Loup Loup course, Methow offers slopes for snowboarders of all experience levels. To reduce your threat of injury, put on a helmet, wrist guards and other safety gear while snowboarding.


The Methow Valley consists of more than 120 miles of tracks for skiing and snowboarding. In addition to the beautiful slopes and trailheads, the Methow Valley also contains a number of lodges and parks that offer courses and snowboarding session. If you are fairly brand-new to snowboarding, the website Family practitioner advises adopting a regular fitness program to prepare your body for the exertion and protect you from injury. In addition to a good all-purpose snowboard, you’ll likewise wish to rent or acquire snowboarding boots, a helmet, wrist guards and arm guards.

Methow Community Trail

The Methow Neighborhood Trail is found in the Methow Valley in between the towns of Winthrop and Mazama. Thanks to the considerable network of trails and slopes, the Methow Neighborhood Path links with many other slopes, including the Sun Mountain, Power’s Plunge, Rendezvous, Wilson Ranch tracks. The slopes of the Methow Neighborhood Path offer an easy 24K path, a slightly more difficult 6K path, and a very tough 1K path. Snowboarders who select this course likewise have the opportunity to try distinct skating terrain, such as the 275 foot Foster-Tawlks Suspension Bridge, according to the Methow Winter Trails web site.

Loup Loup

The Loup Loup course is found on Little Dollar Mountain in the Methow Valley, and includes 10 cut runs expanded over 300 acres. According to the, a dealt with grip quad chair lift was installed in 1998 to allow easy access to the top of the mountain. Snowboarders might be especially drawn to Loup Loup due to the 1,240 vertical feet of descent provided by Little Buck Mountain, enabling you to snowboard continually without stopping.

Safety Concerns

Snowboarding can be a potentially dangerous sport, depending on the course and your skill level. Constantly get your physician’s approval prior to attempting snowboarding to make certain you’re healthy more than enough to take part. If possible, take an introductory class in snowboarding to discover the finer information of security and control.