Snowboard Injury to the Ligaments in the Hand

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Snowboarding has a fairly low rate of injury compared with other high-intensity involvement sports. Almost two lots snowboarders were seriously hurt during the 2009-2010 season, reports the National Ski Locations Association. The tendons in the wrist and hand are particularly vulnerable to injury while participating in this winter activity.


Snowboarding mishaps can occur in an instant. A natural response to an impending fall is to extend your hands and arms out in the hope of breaking the fall. By responding in such a means, there’s the capacity that you can injure your hand, the bones in your fingers, your wrist and the end of your lower arm. More than a quarter of snowboarding injuries take place in the wrist, reports Scott Ruhlman, M.D., on his website.


Ligaments are cells wrapped around joints to offer stability and strength, and they also work to avoid excess motion. Injuries to the ligaments in the hand take place quite typically in sporting activities such as snowboarding, as well as when you do everyday jobs, because the tendons are being utilized almost constantly. Ligament injuries are normally partial splits called strains, which usually cause pain and swelling.

Diagnosis and Treatment

An X-ray, an MRI or a CT scan will determine whether a snowboarding mishap has actually triggered a tendon injury to your hand, fingers or wrist. According to the site for the American Society for Surgical treatment of the Hand, therapy choices consist of a splint, a cast or surgical treatment, relying on the seriousness of the ligament injury. Plates, metal pins and screws are also often made use of, alone or in mix, for a few weeks to help support tendon injuries, which generally heal without issue.


Wearing safety equipment such as different wrist guards or gloves with integrated guards can assist decrease the danger of a snowboarding injury to the tendons in your hand. You can likewise reduce snowboarding mishaps by acting properly. Always observe the rules for snowboarding, such as the indications that show an intersection or a slow area, and respect the other snowboarders on the slopes.