Slowing Down a Basketball Game as an Offensive Strategy

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Speed is a property in basketball, and teams able to obtain up and down the floor are hard to handle. Reducing the game and patiently working the ball around for scoring chances is excellent strategy for teams lacking speed and other physical attributes. Slowing down the offense when dealing with a zone defense or holding the lead late in the game is likewise smart basketball.

Four Corners

A group holding the lead late in a game doesn’t have to hurry. Making safe passes and diminishing the shot clock is great strategy. Famous North Carolina coach Dean Smith ran the four-corner offense to take time off the clock, and the method remains popular. Two gamers spread out on both sides of the free-throw line, and two gamers expanded on both sides of the baseline. The point guard deals with the basketball. As the clock wane, the ball is passed around until there’s an excellent scoring opportunity. There’s no shot clock at the secondary school level, so running the 4 corners is extremely effective when holding a late lead. There’s a shot clock at the pro and college levels, however the four-corner offense still burns priceless time.

Zone Defense

Bad shots and turnovers are common when hurrying against a zone defense. Offensive groups have to be as client as possible versus a zone– where protectors cover designated areas on the floor instead of individual players. Patiently passing or dribbling to open spots in the zone and kicking the basketball out for open shots is an efficient strategy versus a zone defense.

Half-Court Offense

Teams not constructed for running up and down the floor have the tendency to run the half-court offense. The point guard patiently dribbles the ball up the floor and crosses the mid-court line. Plays are run screens, transferred developments, continuous movement and cutting to the basket. Perseverance is needed to perform set plays in the half-court offense, and they require time to establish. Entering the half-court set leads to low-percentage shots and turnovers.

Physical Limitations

Teams that are comfy running a fast-paced offense often face opponents who’re larger, stronger and quicker. Betting a team with an obvious edge in physical talent needs a modification in approach. Reducing the offense and staying client is the best method to counter a group that’d compel numerous turnovers at a quicker tempo of play.