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Left to appropriate males (back), ladies (front): Terry Keller, Tod Burton, Peter , Tim Keller, Ric Burgess, Don Citizen, Donna (Cash) Harris, Wendy (Holder) Bull, Suzi (Rowland) Levin, Colleen (Boyd) Turner

When I initially got the telephone call that we were going to be in a ‘then and now’ skateboarding docudrama, I was happy, interested and completely went haywire. Just how was I ever before going to skateboard in my 60s like I did in the ’60s? As it flipped out, the production of Skateboarding’s First Wave was a wonderful encounter for all entailed which resulted in a top quality, extremely enjoyable movie contribution to the history of skateboarding.

In 2013, Tim Keller, the former 14-year-old leader of the Palisades Skateboard Team in L.a, California (one of the top groups in the country in the ’60s), composed a post about the team as well as the starts of skateboarding called Skateboarding’s Very first Wave: A Palisades Story. This led then 9-year-old Donny of the group– now Don Citizen, not so little, a grandpa, and also an Academy Award-nominated cinematographer (Forrest Gump)– to seek some vintage skateboarding video footage that his dad had actually taken of the team. When he discovered it, Tim and Don asked for a homecoming to do a brief docudrama comparing the ‘back then’ fires with video and interviews of us fifty to sixty somethings on our skateboards today.

Come ‘game day’ for the shooting, I turned up with every one of my security gear, however none of the various other employee were wearing any type of. I ‘d currently made one travel to the emergency area during my very first session as well as was identified not to have to go back. Although nobody told me not to utilize the defensive equipment, sadly, I allow myself feel peer-pressured into leaving it in my car. Most very carefully, I decided to take the hill sidewards in the slowest feasible means. Yet within seconds, my board flew out from under me, and I was standard on the asphalt with a horrific-looking blood-spattered arm joint.

I declined to visit the emergency space even though I most likely needed at the very least 5 stitches as well as had some sort of small fracture. My injuries would certainly recover, yet when would certainly I ever before get an additional possibility to be in a skateboarding film? Supervisor Don compassionately had his staff film me doing simple kick activates a level surface area so I could still show up in the motion picture. Fearing one more tumble and in discomfort, I was so careful that I looked positively geriatric. The exhales of observers were audible when I finished without occurrence. ‘That’s a wrap!’ never seemed so good. Why, oh why had I quit going to yoga exercise class? It doinged this much for my balance.

Looking back, it’s tough to believe just what we did on those boards as youngsters. What was exciting after that now looks downright terrifying to me. We really did not realize at the time that we were being leaders. We merely liked skate boarding, and the harder the challenge, the more we suched as it!

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Palisades Skateboard Group c. 1965

The reunion celebration was a hoot! We discussed every one of the aged stories– a minimum of, exactly what we senior citizens might still keep in mind. We had a whole lot to catch up on, since many of us had not seen each various other given that senior high school. I discovered a variety of essential specifics from the others that I had forgotten from my young people– several of which I really did not wish to remember– and also a whole lot regarding the weave of our lives. There were those that didn’t make it, who had actually died or yielded to medicine misuse and also other life obstacles. We understood we were the lucky ones.

Not only did the documentary juxtapose the aged and modern video footage of our group efficiently, but it likewise artistically included skate boarding cuts from various other films, television commercials, and preferred shows at the time like What’s My Line?, Shindig!, and ABC’s Wide World of Sports. The music soundtrack were composed by among the team participants, vocalist as well as songwriter Peter . My youngsters and in-laws joined me at the premiere, and also we were extremely amazed with how well it ended up. It is now being shown at different online forums like the Newport Movie Festival, and also the feedback has been remarkable!

Without misrepresentation, I was the most awful current-day skater of the lot. That 50-year break took quite a toll on me. I can not skateboard in my sixties like I carried out the Sixties, at the very least not without even more preparation, however the others could. I do not recognize just how they managed to jump back on their boards so skillfully with little method and also finish up without more than one skinned knee in the number. In spite of the cuts and also swellings, I am extremely pleased I got involved. The experience also provided me a jump-start for my brand-new physical fitness program of pedometer-motivated walking, weightlifting, as well as swimming. I’ve even returned to yoga. Perhaps one day I’ll give a resurgence tale for septuagenarians (if I could bear in mind the best ways to mean it)!

Most notably, our group involved value the bond we had from those days. We aided to create a sporting activity– no little challenge and also contribution. As well as females had so couple of sporting options after that. Skateboarding represented a method to contend when various other opportunities were closed. We offered each other the courage to turn down the suggestion that gals didn’t belong on a skateboard as there were so few people in our neighborhood. As well as this guts regarding where we belonged transferred to other sectors throughout our lives. Thankfully, the children urged us, and also they wased raised to be rather excellent mens– rarely the skateboarder fashion.

While I have no interest in ever before doing a half-pipe (a modern skate boarding ramp), when it comes time to autograph the vintage skateboarding cards that have yet to be invented, I’ll prepare. And coming back fit has actually become my top priority of late. Nevertheless, that else will educate my granddaughter how to skateboard if I do not?

Skateboarding’s First Wave is showing at Dances With Movies in Hollywood, The golden state, on June 2, 2015, at 2:45 p.m. and also at Palisades Senior high school in Pacific Palisades, California, on June 13 at 2 p.m.