Side Lateral Raising or Side Arm Elevate is an isolation workout for shoulders. It targets the external head of deltoid.


  • Stand upright, with your feet regarding shoulder width apart and arms to your sides. Hold a dumbbell in each hand beside your upper legs, with your palms turned toward your body. For novice, start with light weight.
  • Keep your back directly, your head and eyes forward.
  • Keeping your arms directly, as you breathe in, lift the weights out as well as approximately the sides till they are concerning the shoulder level or slightly higher. At this placement, the arms as well as body ought to appear like the letter ‘T’.
  • Do not lock your elbow. Hold for a one-count when possible. Your palms must be encountering the flooring at this point.
  • Exhale as well as slowly reduced them to your sides (standing up to all the means down).
  • Do 3 sets with 8 to 12 repetitions each.

Tips of Doing Side Lateral Increase Correctly:

  • Do not lean forward.
  • If you discover it also tough to do side lateral raise while standing, after that sit at the side of a bench. Nonetheless, once you understand how to do it properly, stand upright as well as do it. It is necessary to train your stabilizer muscles.
  • Make sure you raise the dumbbells heading up instead than ‘turning’ them up. If you still swing, attempt resting down to perform this exercise.
  • Do not elevate the dumbbells excessive above your shoulders. Over extension makes you much more vulnerable to a shoulder injury.
  • Choose a best weight which allows you yo complete all the sets.
  • This exercise can be done utilizing Side Lateral Elevate Machine.

Modification for Variation:

  • Once you have grasped the ability, say after 6 months, you could attempt these couple of points to damage from your plateau.
  • Lean ahead slightly with bent knees.

  • Start with the dumbbells in front of your thigh rather close to your thighs.
  • When you elevate the weights, rather than the arms at your sides, make it at the position of 10 o’clock (for left hand) as well as 2 o’clock (for right-hand man).
  • While holding the pinhead, some individuals like to elevate the pinkie somewhat more than the thumb to concentrate the tons on a particular muscle. However, for me, whether the pinkie is greater or otherwise, that is great. Try it out on your own for the difference.

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