Seizures and High Fever

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When your kid has a high fever, there is an opportunity that he might have a seizure as an outcome of the fever. In many cases, you may not also recognize that he has a fever since it comes on so rapidly, leading to the seizure. High temperature seizures or febrile seizures are typically nothing to stress over, though it can be extremely scary as it’s happening.


When the youngster has a seizure, she might pass out and her muscles will certainly jerk and also shake uncontrollably. You might see her eyes roll back into her head, and also she might throw up, urinate or have a bowel motion. The seizure will last from one to 3 minutes. You would commonly only see this kind of seizure when your child has a fever of more compared to 102 levels F.


A febrile seizure could be rather terrifying as it’s happening. You may be afraid that your kid is regarding to die or that he has epilepsy. You need to discuss it to your physician, yet generally the only point that you need to stress over is keeping your child secure throughout the seizure. Nevertheless, it is necessary to keep in mind that if your child has one febrile seizure, he’ll be most likely to have another one within a year.


You could worry that your child has or will certainly establish epilepsy as an outcome of the fever. This is not likely, yet youngsters that have actually had febrile seizures are extra in danger of establishing epilepsy than kids that have never had a seizure.

Keeping Your Child Safe

As the seizure starts, lay your kid have on a flooring or a soft space like a bed. If possible, you need to maintain him on his side or turn his head to the side to protect against choking. You ought to additionally get rid of any kind of sharp things from the location, as he might injure himself unintentionally during the seizure.


You need to never ever position anything in your child’s mouth if she’s having a seizure since there is a chance that she might choke on this thing. Even a huge product can easily come to be broken by her teeth and also provide a prospective choking hazard.