Running the 13.1…again

August 15, 2016
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When I ran a 13.1 half marathon in 2013, I was emphatic that I would certainly NEVER EVER do it once again … and also, after that, my spouse asked if I would certainly run one with him …

I was at first extremely anxious. Nonetheless, after I thought of it, I obtained delighted! Besides, we’ve completed at the very least a couple of half marathons on our travels together in the past couple of years. When we went to Denver in 2013, as an example, we logged in 27K and also 25K days, simply travelling from brewery to brewery.

We have now chosen to educate for a main fifty percent marathon together. A lot of our real training runs will be apart, yet we will certainly run with each other (when we can) and also track our pacing to guarantee we are not too significantly different.

Because we want to make this a fun as well as successful experience, we have executed a few brand-new approaches:

  1. Following a plan: We are following a basic fifty percent marathon strategy. This plan is challenging, yet extremely do-able. I will be completing one training run and one future weekly, in addition to my typical training as well as offering dedications. Derek (my spouse) is following the plan more closely.
  2. New footwears: We will each experience an all new set of running shoes to sustain our feet and also lower the risk of injury.
  3. Run/ Stroll Intervals. Neither one of us is in incredible running shape. We are trying to make each run’s distance, without worry concerning running the entire time. Derek is making his own periods, yet I am rotating 2 mins of keeping up 1 minute of walking. This provides us time to recover between running intervals. We will be running periods on race day as well.
  4. Audio books/podcasts: A good pal suggested paying attention to audiobooks while running. Now, I’m addicted! I’m much less bored and could maintain up with my reading! Derek, instead, likes to hear podcasts.
  5. Nutrition/ Vitamins: As common, I am aiming to eat a large variety of healthy foods as well as I am adding nourishment right into our family members meals. This will certainly help provide us the energy to finish all of these miles.

As of composing this blog site, we have completed 2.5 weeks of training. I can not await our youngsters to see us cross that coating line together!!!