Running is good for the brain

December 1, 2014

Jogging, running, running … Call it exactly what you desire, but don’t miss out on a sport that’s very stylish. Running is low-cost, easy and virtually anybody can exercise.

And if that were insufficient, plus all the advantages of the sport, a physical and psychological level, running is also very good for our brain. Would like to know how? Below we expose the outcomes of a research by the College of Minnesota in the United States.

how to train your brain

Swimming and cycling also

According to the detectives, the study published in the journal ‘Neurology’ is the most crucial so far. A research showing the advantages it’s actually run for our cognitive health.

But not just the running benefits our brains, but also other activities such as swimming or biking. These are the conclusions reached by a group of specialists from the University of Minnesota, after analyzing the work of 2,747 individuals healthy around 25 years, and exercising sport frequently.

Improving our brain capacities

The research study kept track of the wellness of individuals throughout the very first year and in the next 20 years. After that time has actually elapsed, the researchers did a series of cognitive tests of memory, verbal, assumed as well as activity tests.

The outcomes of the study revealed that volunteers enhanced their brain capabilities. Great information for medication, as it can assist prevent or deal with numerous diseases such as dementia.

However, specialists remind us that preferably two or 3 hours a week. In excess, running may not be as advantageous as we think.