Running & Strength Training for Police

Police officers serve and safeguard their communities. To prepare for unanticipated events that may happen in the line of task, law enforcement agent have to complete particular training. One of the most crucial elements of that training program is physical preparation with running and strength training. Law enforcement agent are athletes who need a sport-specific running and strength-training program to make sure security and job performance.

Training Components

With the potential to experience a wide range of circumstances, a strength-training and running program for authorities cannot concentrate on simply one location. Rather, the physical training program must focus on establishing overall physical fitness and 10 physical skills, according to The CrossFit Journal – cardiorespiratory stamina, stamina, strength, speed, power, dexterity, balance, flexibility, coordination and precision. The mix of these abilities in training enhances the possibilities for survival in the line of responsibility.

Functional Movements

The strength-training element to physical training for police includes a variety of practical workouts. These workouts construct total body strength along with establishing the 10 physical abilities. Sample workouts consist of barbell lifts such as deadlifts, overhead squats and Olympic lifts for the lower body along with shoulder press, clean and jerk and bench press for the upper body. Useful body-weight workouts consist of lunges, situps, pushups, pullups and dips.


Training for police must happen whenever the work schedule and time dedications permit. For instance, some police academies could enable a quick exercise at the station, while some police officers need to work out by themselves time. Find a time that works for you and stay consistent with the program to maintain your fitness degree. Try to spend a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes during the exercise by mixing strength training and running. For example, heat up for five minutes, then run for 20 minutes and done with 20 minutes of strength training.


Most police academies make their police officers go through regular physical fitness testing to see whether they fulfill minimum fitness requirements. The real tests vary according to the academy, but the total goal is to check your strength, stamina and physical fitness degree to ensure you can meet your task obligations. A standard test consists of doing as lots of repetitions as possible in a specific period of pullups, pushups and situps followed by a timed two-mile run. Following a particular strength-training and running program will offer you a higher possibility of passing the test.