Rugby Player Neil Back

Rugby Player Neil Back

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Neil Back is a rugby gamer from England with a long history and many ties to the sport. As a rugby player, his career peaked in 2003 after winning the Rugby World Cup. Since retiring from rugby in 2005, Back has been training and advertising his enthusiasm for the game. Back’s different honors, records and accomplishments make him a widely known name and legend in the sport of rugby.

Professional History

Neil Back started playing expert rugby in 1994 in the town of Nottingham, England. After his initial game in Scotland, he went on to play another 4 games over a period of two years, according to ESPN Scrum. England dismissed Back as a regular rugby gamer, mentioning that he was too little for international play. In 1996, the Leicester team picked up Neil Back. After eyelashing out at a referee throughout a loss at the Pilkington Cup match, Back was prohibited from playing for 6 months. During the 1997 British & Irish Lions trip of South Africa, Back made remarkable plays as a replacement player. From that point on, he became a regular rugby gamer in England and remained to make history.


While playing for Leicester in the spring of 2001, Back assisted his team to the Heineken Cup triumph versus Stade Francais. The following fall, Back filled in as a captain for England. During this period, Back and his colleagues beat Australia to win the Cook Cup. During the 2002 Heineken Cup, Back and his group won once more, but the win wasn’t a simple one. While the referee was sidetracked, Back allegedly swatted the ball from an opposing team member’s grip. This situation significantly made Back a questionable gamer. Back’s supporters claim that the move was a fair part of rugby, while opponents specify that knocking the ball was a prohibited move.

End of Career

The significant highlight of Back’s career was winning the Rugby World Cup in 2003 while playing for England. About a year after the big win, Back relinquished playing Rugby. Back reappeared briefly in 2005 to bet the Lions. He led his group to the champion in the British and Irish Lions tour to New Zealand. This was his last professional play in rugby.


During retirement, Neil Back went on to coach for Leicester as a protective coach. After a couple seasons, Back went on as a head coach for Leeds Carnegie. In 2009, Back assisted the Leeds Carnegie get advertised into the Premiership, but failed to get his group into the exact same leading degree in 2011. He resigned from his head training position in early 2011. Throughout the summer of the same year, Back agreed to a five-year head training agreement with the Rugby Lions, keeps in mind the website Rugby World. Since 2011, the Rugby Lions were a National Organization 3 team, however Back’s goal is to obtain his group into level-1 Premiership.