Right Leg Collapses During Down Swing

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At its simplest, the golf enthusiast’s downswing includes driving your golf club from a raised position toward the golf ball. Beyond the basics, almost endless variations exist, with numerous trainers and pro golfers constantly developing brand-new approaches. Typically, however, the swing includes rotation at the shoulders and hips, with weight shifting from right to left, supplied you’re right-handed. As a result, your right leg typically flexes in a loose, relaxed fashion as your center of balance shifts left.

Right Leg Basics

When finding out the appropriate form for a downswing, it’s most likely that you’ll learn to focus your attention on your hips, where you start the movement. The relative rotation of your hips to your shoulders is important to an effective stroke, as is the tilt of your hips and, secondarily, the tilt of your shoulders, according to a 2011 research study of golf swings performed at Stanford College. Nonetheless, improper form at your legs can prevent the ideal activity of the hips and upper body. As you turn at the hips and move your weight to your left leg, you apply less pressure on your right knee and more on the left knee. Rather of supporting your weight, the right knee should stay loose, enduring a shearing force as it angles forward in addition to your right hip.

Focusing on the Knees

One method to improve your downswing is to concentrate your attention on your knees throughout the activity. Tom Lehman, U.S. Ryder Cup captain, utilizes his knees rather of his hips to initiate the downswing, an uncommon method. If you want to model Lehman’s movement, practice by rotating over your right knee, remaining it steady, as you draw your club up on the backswing. When you move into the downswing, utilize your left knee to start the rotation and the swinging activity. As you do so, you can move the weight off your right leg. As your right knee is no more under pressure, it may have a ‘broke down’ experience. Nonetheless, you should feel completely stable over the left leg.

The Stacking Strategy

During a basic downswing, you move your weight from the right to the left side of your body. By contrast, for the ‘stack and tilt’ swing variation, you begin with your center of balance ‘stacked’ over the left foot. If you typically have difficulty preserving weight on your right side, this alternative movement could verify more effective. Just as for a basic downswing, you rotate your hips and finish with the right leg unwinded and freely bent.

Warnings and Additional Considerations

Technically, the downswing only describes the segment of your swing when your club is cutting downward, until it reaches the ball. Therefore, for much of the downswing, you still have a few of your weight on your right side. If you feel that your right leg is breaking down too early, rather than a smooth shift of weight toward the left, then you could’ve to deal with a coach to identify troubles in your form. For instance, if you lack adequate flexibility in your hips, you mightn’t be turning or moving your weight correctly.

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