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Crunch is the most popular stomach exercise. It’s simple and all you require is a mat. Conversely, for individuals who’s strong arms, hanging leg lift is advised as intense stomach exercise. Nevertheless, not every one can do that with perfect type since it’s undoubtedly difficult to hang like like a gymnast.

A physical fitness specialist, Don Brown, has invented an unit which gives effective abdominals exercise as excellent as the hanging leg lift. It’s called Ab Coaster. According to him, this unit targets abs muscles such as transverse abdominus, obliques and rectus abdominus.

Months back, I’ve actually visited one of the health clubs which I’d the opportunity to try out Abdominal Rollercoaster. Recently, I went there for an additional try on this equipment. Here are my evaluation:

What I Like About Ab Coaster:

  • The curved track in fact makes me focus the effort at my abdominal muscle. I relocated natural arc motion. Knees on a padded seat and hands on the deal with, then the seat slid up and down along the metal track in a J shape movement.
  • This machine gets rid of the typical lower back anxiety of crunches and the pain at the arms in hanging leg raise. With that, I simply worked on my abdominals until my abs are shrieking for discomfort.



  • With a simple twist, the seat swing side means and I worked on my obliques. The obliques are a pair of stomach muscles.
  • If the step is too simple, you can add extra weight to make the exercise more difficult.


  • The unit looks durable, not like those plastic feel abs devices.


The important to do the exercise with Abdominal Rollercoaster is to do it slow with regulated movement. I’ve actually seen people swinging with inertia and this step might beat the purpose.

Things To Be Aware Of:

  • To certain extent, you still require some strength on your arms to hold yourself progressively with the handle. But, use them as support. If you feel sore on your arms and not your abs, you’ve actually probably done the exercise incorrectly.
  • The units doesn’t come cheap. It’s even more than $400. I doubt lots of will buy it as part of their house gym purely for abs exercise. It’s better for physical fitness club.
  • Ab Coaster won’t offer your 6 pack over night. You’ll have to eliminate your body fat by doing cardiovascular exercise and by consuming right. With too much fat, even if you’ve terrific abdominals, it still won’t show under the fat.