Pop Up Dining Experience with Chef Giovanni DAmato, fitness instructor

With several pop-ups having actually turned up around the country in the last few years, it’s not a surprise that India is now enticing internationally renowned chefs. Recently, the JW Marriot Mumbai is organizing Michelin starred Cook Giovanni D’Amato, from Italy combined with 4XFOUR. Chef D’Amato makes use of fresh, all-natural components, numerous of them raw, to develop sophisticated work of arts that look like they belong in an episode of Masterchef.

Having increased up in the kitchen of his grandparents’ trattoria in Italy, Chef D’Amato decided when he was merely a boy that he would like to be a really great cook sooner or later. With 2 Michelin stars and also a thriving restaurant – Ristorante Il Rigoletto – in Italy, he’s definitely succeeded.

Chef D’Amato’s cooking approach emphasizes contrast. His meals experiment with prepared as well as raw active ingredients, soft as well as firm textures as well as cold and hot temperature levels. That’s why the quality of his elements is of utmost relevance to him. In Italy, he goes to the marketplace every early morning to select the most effective produce. He additionally fishes as well as climbs up into the mountains to source his meat. Seasonality is a significant aspect when it comes to sourcing, due to the fact that despite the fact that specific substances could be offered when they are not in period, they will not taste comparable to they should. Strategy is necessary to Cook D’Amato, but the component that he likes ideal about the food preparation procedure is looking at all his active ingredients as well as deciding exactly what to prepare with them.

In fact, he’s also attempted a few Indian recipes at his restaurant, like tandoori sauce as well as many chutneys. He took pleasure in dealing with all the different seasonings but when he attempted Indian meals here in Mumbai, he liked it though he discovered it quite spicy.

Pop Up Dining Experience with Chef Giovanni D'Amato, fitness trainer
Chef Giovanni D’Amato

His son, Frederico, has adhered to in his footsteps and also become a cook too. Having matured in his papa’s restaurant as well as oversleeped the cooking area numerous times, it was the organic selection for him. He delights in food preparation and also though he initially learnt from his papa, he has actually also operated in numerous cooking areas around the world. Father as well as child take pleasure in cooking together – a lot of the time at least!

For the turn up at the JW Marriott, Chef D’Amato has actually made an intricate 8 program tasting food selection. To match the Indian customers, he has actually provided both vegan and non-vegetarian options. He didn’t mind doing this, considering that though he’s not a vegetarian himself, he loves cooking with vegetables.

Dinner was a three hr long affair, given that tasting food selections are all about timing as well as presentation. Although I’m not strictly a vegetarian, I selected the vegan food selection. The first program was a vegetable lotion with pleasant tomatoes as well as capers. The cream was a gently flavoured base that served as the excellent foil for the sweetness of the tomato as well as the sourness of the capers. The 2nd course had a tomato puree and also was covered with a soft piece of Stracciatella cheese as well as some olives. Served cold, it was created to taste like a Caprese salad, with some solid and also some liquid textures.

Pop Up Dining Experience with Chef Giovanni D'Amato, fitness
Soup of raw and cooked seafood

Instead of the salad, the non-vegetarian course had a soup of raw and also prepared fish and shellfish. With three raw substances and also three cooked ingredients, it wasn’t such as a timeless fish and shellfish soup of stock with items of fish and shellfish. Chef D’Amato is quite certain concerning his components – depending on the top quality of his ingredients, the best ones are maintained raw and the others are prepared. The soup was covered with an eggs of curry as well as basil, to give it a dash of Indian flavour.

The 3rd course was celeriac, portioned with two different origin veggie purees. For non-vegetarians, the celeriac was marinaded in earl gray tea and pork juice, while for vegetarians it was marinaded in jasmine tea as well as tomato juice. The tea provided it a tangy acidity while the veggie purees had contrasting delightful as well as sour flavours that gelled well together.

I was currently beginning to obtain complete by this time, yet we still had five more programs to go! The fourth program was a pesto sauce with zucchini and also ache nuts. The pesto had a velvety uniformity that was triggered by the sweet taste as well as crunch of the yearn nuts.

The 5th course was a saffron risotto with veggies as well as nuts. A soft yellow colour, it was garnished with strands of saffron, roasted hazelnuts as well as carefully pureed veggies. Despite the fact that I’m not a fan of saffron, the risotto had a delicately balanced flavour that I enjoyed.

The sixth course was an artichoke confit. Rich as well as soothing, the confit became my preferred dish of the evening – with the exception of the treats of course!

The last 2 courses were dessert courses. The initial was a chilled, fruity yoghurt, with a structure like ice cream, that was offered with an intense orange carrot pie and beetroot sauce. Amazing and also light, it freshened the palate after such a hefty meal.

Pop Up Dining Experience with Chef Giovanni D'Amato, fitness equipment

Tiramisu Explosion

Last, and certainly my preferred, was the tiramisu explosion. A deconstructed type of the traditional Italian dessert, it had a light mascarpone cream, meringue as well as bitter chocolate jelly. The mascarpone itself was so soft and so light that it degenerated as soon it struck my tongue. Surrounded by crunchy aspects with suggestions of chocolate as well as cacao, it was the perfect end to an extraordinary meal.

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