Paleo Weight Training

Paleo Weight Training

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Paleo describes Paleolithic, or old. In physical fitness terms, a paleo way of living makes use of the techniques ancient guy made use of to make it through, including the sorts of foods he consumed or the way day-to-day activities such as searching and event worked to naturally build strength and endurance. Paleo weight training, or ‘neanderthal exercises,’ takes you into natural environments for your exercises.

Pick Stuff Up and Put Things Down

To gain strength, you merely have to get heavy products. Visit a park or entertainment area and discover a fairly heavy object, such as a rock or big log, to incorporate into your exercise. A log can be used to include resistance to your squats, deadlifts or overhead presses. Get a rock and bring it a distance, such as 100 backyards at a time. Use an old tractor tire to drag up a hillside or flip end over end throughout a little-used road. These steps help you acquire strength and endurance.

Swing or Throw Something

The basis of a paleo exercise is stemmed from performing motions we use in daily life. Head outdoors and swing a sledgehammer against an old tractor tire to work your arms, back and obliques. Toss huge stones as far as you can in an area using a squat and shot-put technique. This will work your arms, legs and chest. You can devise a range of activities that include tossing rocks of differing shapes and weights that’ll target all areas of the body.

Body Weight

Use your very own body weight to perform pullups on a tree branch or on monkey bars or comparable devices at a play area. Do pushups from numerous angles. Use a park bench to do slope and decrease pushups by putting either your hands or feet on the bench seat, respectively. Discover any curb or ledge to carry out calf bone raises. Benches can also be used to do triceps muscles dips. Take actions two to three at a time to target your thighs and hamstrings.


The possibilities are unlimited for the kinds of workouts you can produce for yourself utilizing a paleo concept since you can constantly find something around that can be integrated into a resistance workout. In the house, make use of paint cans or sledgehammers for a variety of motions. Parks typically showcase items that can be used for pullups, pushups, climbing up or to challenge your balance. Get imaginative however make sure your motions are accurate so that you don’t injure yourself or others close by.

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