Outdoor Roller Skating in Harrisburg, PA

Outdoor Roller Skating in Harrisburg, PA

Unfortunately for roller skaters, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania provides extremely few outdoor places for public skating. While indoor skaters have local rinks, outdoor roller skating is mostly limited to local parks and paved public areas. For best outcomes, choose safe, well-monitored places and constantly bring a close friend to join you while skating.


Like running, roller skating offers an intensive cardiovascular exercise that can raise your heart rate for a prolonged time period. While indoor skaters have the luxury of manicured rinks and hardwood paneling, outdoor skaters should turn to the conditions of their regional park or community street. As a result, outdoor skaters need to constantly wear sufficient security equipment in the form of knee pads, elbow pads and helmets. According to the Skates site, outdoor skaters must likewise change the indoor wheels on their skates for outdoor versions made from high-impact urethane gauged in between 62 and 65 millimeters.


Unfortunately for outdoor skaters, Harrisburg’s only skate park has actually shut down, leaving skateboarders and rollerbladers to rely on public spaces for their leisure. Given that there are not any frequently maintained outdoor skating venues in the area, lots of skaters choose the indoor rinks located at the Wheelz of Fire Roller/Inline Skating Rink and Carlisle Sports Emporium, both of which are open year-round, according to the RinkTime site. If you are willing to drive half an hour, you can visit the outdoor Reid Menzer Memorial Skatepark in York, Pennsylvania.

Getting Started

The ‘Mode Publication’ website recommends some street skating hot areas in downtown Harrisburg, such as the River Front Park, the Capital Intricate, City Island and the area in front of the Hilton Hotel. Because the majority of these areas are public home, you’ll most likely be able to skate only during certain times throughout the day, or until dark. If you stay in the suburbs, you can also look for local parks that may consist of large stretches of pavement for skating. One last option consists of parking lots that are vacant on weekends– so long as you check with the homeowner initially.

Safety Concerns

Unlike indoor skating, outdoor areas are in some cases unmonitored and not being watched, and may be hazardous in some places. If you’re a small, attempt to skate in the presence of a moms and dad, guardian or school instructor. Since joint injuries can happen from an accident or fall, it’s best to wear standard security equipment such as wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet.