Optifast Liquid Diet

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Like lots of people, you may be combating the battle of the bulge. Many moms notice an increase in their weight as they age. According to Vanderbilt University, regarding 1 in 3 individuals in America are overweight. With all the diet advertisements on TELEVISION, radio and the Net, you could have a challenging time deciding just how to slim down. Lots of people decide to reduce weight rapidly by adhering to a fluid diet plan regimen. One sort of liquid diet regimen, Optifast, may appeal to you.

The Origin of Optifast

Sandoz Nutrition developed Optifast in 1974, according to InterMountain Medical Nutrition, a weight loss center. The Optifast program needs the close guidance of an experienced doctor. Made by Novartis Nutrition Company, Optifast now consists of a selection of soups and also nourishment bars, in addition to the pre-mixed drinks.


If you only wish to shed a couple of extra pounds, try to find a various diet product. Exceptionally obese people, who require to lose a minimum of 50 lbs., may benefit from Optifast. If your excessive weight endangers your wellness as well as well-being, this diet plan might match your needs. Meant for individuals that are overweight and need to slim down rapidly, this diet regimen could help you lose extra pounds. According to the company’s website, an ordinary patient loses about 52 lbs. in 22 weeks, making use of Optifast.

How It Works

Optifast functions by restricting your caloric intake. Consisting of four stages, this diet calls for the supervision of your doctor. Your doctor will perform testing examinations to look for health conditions and identify whether Optifast is ideal for you. After your screening, you will start proactively losing weight by taking in the liquid items. A shift stage after your active weight management assists you reintroduce strong foods right into your system as well as lifestyle. The last stage of the diet regimen concentrates on upkeep. To maintain the pounds off, you have to exercise healthy consuming behaviors and also make workout an integral part of your daily routine.


According to Vanderbilt University, Optifast has 36 percent of the day-to-day suggested quantity of fiber. This fiber can cleanse the digestive system, take in fats and also assist dieters really feel complete. The diet plan also provides 18 of 23 amino acids. These amino acids include enzymes, which aid digest healthy protein, in addition to the 8 crucial amino acids, recommends Vanderbilt University.

Possible Side Effects

Like all diet regimens, this low-calorie diet regimen could position some threats. Your medical professional will look for the development of gallstones, something that usually happens in dieters that rapidly shed weight. You could also experience looseness of the bowels, irregularity, nausea or vomiting and also tiredness. These mild signs and symptoms could settle after the first couple of weeks of your Optifast diet regimen. While monitoring your diet plan, your physician might supply some practical advice in dealing with these signs and symptoms, or he could choose to take you off the diet regimen, depending on your health.

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