Jocelyn Bong The seated leg raise is a great exercise for your quadriceps. Although simple, it gets you moving and your quads burning.

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Jocelyn Bong The seated leg raise is a wonderful workout for your quadriceps. Although easy, it gets you relocating and your quads burning.

The seated leg raise is a deceptively tough move. It looks so simple that I still remember scoffing at it a bit when I was first introduced to it.

I scoffed, that is, until about the fifth or 6th repeating. At that point, my leg began to feel really heavy, and I recognized that this is really a super-effective exercise for the front of the thigh.

This exercise is additionally terrific for spinal positioning, which helps trigger the core muscles. The seated leg raise likewise challenges the postural muscles between the middle of the shoulders.

Getting Started 

Sit with one leg straight and the other leg bent.

• Novice: Your hands rest behind you as in the photo.
• Intermediate: Hold your bent knee with your hands.
• Advanced: Have your hands in a prayer position at the center of your chest.

By resolving these various hand positions, the workout will be more difficult for your back and deep abdominal muscles.

Inhale to prepare. Exhale to lift the prolonged leg. Simple, right? However after you remain to raise and reduce the extended leg 10 to 20 times, you’ll feel your quadriceps burning.

Repeat the same variety of repeatings on the various other side.

Focus Points
Keep your chest open and broad throughout the movement. Avoid any sinking or closing in of the chest. Draw your shoulder cutters delicately together to assist the widening of the chest.

When you master one level, attempt the following one.

You can point or flex the foot. Attempt half of the repeatings with a flexed foot and half with a pointed foot for some variation. This will also enhance the ligaments of the ankle and foot in both positions.

To rise the intensity, try pulsing your upper hand and down at the top variety of the leg lift. You can also draw circles or just hold the position at the top for a few beats after each repeating. Experiment with these options to develop your own sequence.

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