As we understand that every diet has some set of rules. The rules have basically effect of making you eat more or less in acquiring or slimming down.

Morning Banana Diet Rules

Here we’ll discuss about the wonderful banana policies that helps in minimizing body weight. So let us take a look into the Morning Banana Diet plan policies?

Rule 1: All you can eat – Banana Policy.

Yes you can consume as much raw bananas you desire in your daily breakfast. However do not stuff yourself to the point of pain. If you’re still hungry then take a break for 20 minutes and eat another it’ll make your tummy feel filled.

Rule 2: Consume healthy for lunch and dinner.

Dinner should be made by 7 P. M, cut the quantity of rice and deserts in your routine lunch and supper.

Rule 3: Water Not Beverage.

Morning Banana

Water, preferably mineral or filtered is best suited for the banana diet, it must be drunk in little sips with breaks as well as by sitting on a chair. No milk items are included in the diet, nevertheless non caloric beverages are use for consumption however water is preferred even more than anything in this diet strategy.

Rule 4: Be an Early Sleeper.

Early To Bed- Early To rise Makes the individual Wealthy and wise. Try to go to bed by midnight. 4 hours Durations Is Require between Your Last Meal and Sleeping Time.

Rule 5: Don’t Pressurize Yourself To Workout.

It’s not compulsory to work out but you can if you desire, attempt to do walk every day but do not force yourself.