In this posture, body takes the shape of a lotus. This is the suggested asana for reflection and also Pranayama. Keep in mind these yoga exercise suggestions prior to beginning yoga.

The Lotus Posture or Padmasana in Sanskrit calls for going across the legs while preserving a directly back, making it ideal for Reflection as well as concentration. This Yoga Posture has a lot of merits such as providing a peaceful effect, increasing awareness and also attentiveness, promoting body parts and processes, and maintaining or creating a good posture.

Lotus Pose Meaning

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This present is the primary resting pose in a meditation. This position originated from India, where most saints rest in such way to practice meditation for actually very long time. It aids in relaxing the mind, bringing psychological stability, boosts concentration, restores power degrees in the body and also the checklist simply goes on. This certain yoga posture helps in making reflection also more fruitful. A routine method of Lotus Pose helps in total advancement of oneself, thus blossoming like a lotus.

How to do Lotus Pose?

  • Sit on the floor or on a floor covering with legs extended before you while keeping the back erect.
  • Bend the appropriate knee as well as location it on the left upper leg. Make certain that the sole of the feet aim upward as well as the heel is close to the abdomen.
  • Now, repeat the exact same action with the various other leg.
  • With both the legs went across as well as feet positioned on other thighs, place your hands on the knees in mudra position.
  • Keep the head straight and also spinal column erect.
  • Hold as well as continue with gentle lengthy breaths in and out.

Lotus Pose (Padmasana) for Beginners

If you have trouble overlapping both your legs and also resting in Padmasana, you may likewise rest in Ardha– Padmasana (Fifty percent– Lotus pose) by putting any kind of one leg on the other upper leg. Continue doing so till you feel versatile adequate to proceed to Padmasana.

Benefits of the Lotus Posture (Padmasana)

  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces muscle tension and also brings blood stress under control
  • Relaxes the mind
  • Helps expectant women throughout childbirth
  • Reduces menstrual discomfort

Lotus Pose Variations

Once you have actually acquired the ideal Lotus Posture, you could experiment with the variants in the pose. You might or might refrain the variants yet when you do simply see to it that you have actually acquired the Padmasana completely without discomfort in any kind of parts of your body. There are several variations of Lotus Pose.

Accomplished Pose : This pose is rather opposite to the Lotus Posture. Put your left foot under right upper leg. And put your ideal foot under your left knee. If this pose appears as well limited for you, you could unwind a bit as displayed in the figure. Place some pillows under your knees making this asana even more comfy as well as easy-to-do.


Double Pigeon Pose : You should achieve the Accomplished Present to start with before continuing to this variant. After that raise both of your knees. This pose might get you reduced physical body too tensed. To aid it unwind, you could gently move pillows under your knees and upper legs based on requirements.

Supported Head To Knee Pose : When you are done with the seated ankle to knee asana, this is the following stage of this posture. Bend forward (keeping your spine straight) and location both your practical either side of your ankle for support.

Seated Ankle To Knee Pose : In this variant of Lotus Posture, stretch both your legs to the front parallelly. Carefully fold one leg at the knee as well as area it on the various other knee as displayed in the picture here. Maintain your back straight as well as get some assistance with the help of your hands. You might utilize the palm or fingers to obtain the needed support. Make certain your hands are at hand as well as not behind you. This guarantees your spinal column to be maintained directly. And also similar to in the position before, you might use an empty or pillow as a support listed below the raised knee.

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