Legs Workout (8) – Side Lunge

Side lunge is a good exercise for inner upper leg (adductors) and also hips. It deals with the front upper legs too. For most males, numerous assumed that side lunge is also feminine since it looks as well simple as well as only implied for ladies. I motivate people to try this leg exercise a shot. Definitely, nothing beats barbell squat, but side lunge recruit other leg muscle mass. Regardless of just how tiny these muscle mass are, if you desire to develop your legs fully, you ought to not overlook small workout like side lunge. As for girls, this fun action will certainly you to tone as well as tighten your legs and butts.

  1. Separate your feet at concerning 2 to 3 feet, relying on the size of your legs. Aim your toes forward. You could put your hangs above the knees or hold them together for balancing purpose.
  2. Slowly bend your right knee while maintaining your left leg right. Your top body ought to be maintained upright as high as possible.
  3. Go down as low as you can without pressure. When your leg goes to 90 level angle, do not let your ideal knee overlook your toes on your right foot.
  4. Come up and also repeat for one more leg.


  • To make side lunge even more difficult, you can perform this exercise with 2 pinheads. As you do the lunge for your right leg, hold the appropriate pinhead a little behind you and the left one slightly before you. Do the contrary as you lunge the various other leg.
  • Make certain your feet remain flat as well as rooted on the ground.