With pinhead lunge, main muscle teams being exercised are front upper legs (quadriceps), butts (gluteal maximus), hamstrings, as well as front thighs (quadriceps). I very recommend this exercise for women who desire to tighten their thighs as well as butts.


  1. Hold 2 pinheads in your hands at hands. Feet shoulder width apart. Use light pinhead as a beginning. Actually, for beginner, start without any kind of dumbbell, simply make use of totally your body weight.
  2. Step ahead with one foot. Arrive at heel then forefoot.
  3. Slowly reduced the entire body downward in a controlled activity. Both knees bend as the body reduces. Go no farther compared to 90 degrees with the knee joint. The front upper leg is identical to the ground. Make certain that your front knee does not reach out past your toes as this posture will certainly boosts the risk of a knee injury. As for your back leg, its knee is nearly touching floor.

  4. Return to the initial standing placement by driving upward forward with the front leg. Do not bounce in the bottom position.
  5. Repeat making use of another leg by tipping forward.


  • Keep your upper body upright. Chest up.
  • Look ahead. Do not look down.
  • A long lunge (huge action ahead) stresses the butt muscular tissues whereas a brief lunge (tiny action forward) emphasizes thighs.
  • Use light enough dumbbells that permit you to do a deep as well as complete range of movement lunge.
  • For progressed exerciser or individuals having concern with hold toughness on the pinhead, you could attempt having barbell with weights on it and also hold atop the neck as well as shoulders.

If you question why this exercise is called ‘Forward Lunge’, yes, we have a variation of called ‘Reverse Lunge’ which I will certainly create it other day.