Large Lumps on the Arches in Ballet Dancers

Ballet professional dancers rely on their feet to execute their dance moves with dignity and properly. If you’ve pain in your feet when you dance, you aren’t able to coordinate your motions properly. Foot pain is fairly usual amongst ballet professional dancers, but must be treated as soon as possible to prevent further injury. If you’ve actually found a large bump on the bottom of your foot, there are therapy choices to lower your pain and remove the bump.

Ballet Background

Ballet is considered a high-performance sport, which places you at an increased risk of injury. Ballet dancing can be especially damaging to your feet, since each of your dance moves relies on specific foot positions. Podiatry Today, an online journal devoted to foot health, reports that as a ballet dancer, you might be most likely to sustain foot injuries due to the fact that you don’t use supportive shoes. Instead you put on a thin ballet slipper that doesn’t soak up shock and force when you execute various dance steps. Inappropriate ballet strategy and fatigue could also increase the threat of injuries to your feet.

Plantar Fibroma

A swelling on the arch of your foot is referred to as a plantar fibroma. A plantar fibroma is a benign tumor that types in a tendon, called the plantar fascia, found in the arc of your foot. In the very early phases, a plantar fibroma doesn’t cause pain, and could be too little to discover. With time, a plantar fibroma can get larger and trigger you discomfort when you put pressure on the bottom of your foot. The primary cause of a plantar fibroma is damage to your tendons, which can happen when you do specific ballet moves, dance for extended amount of times or otherwise hurt the bottom of your foot. Your physician will likely take an X-ray or MRI to detect a plantar fibroma.


A plantar fibroma won’t shrink or go away on its own. The main means to treat a plantar fibroma is to pad the area to alleviate pressure on the arc of your foot. A practical foot orthotic will assist eliminate the pressure on the arch of your foot. A foot orthotic could likewise help decrease the size of your plantar fibroma. Cortisone injections are typically utilized to assist reduce the fibroma, however are short-term because the swelling will gradually grow back with time. Surgical removal is an option if the swelling triggers you a lot of pain, however is most likely to flatten your arc.


Speak with your physician if you uncover a lump on the arc of your foot, whether you experience discomfort or not. Due to the fact that a plantar fibroma won’t go away by itself, treatment is necessary to avoid and minimize pain. Ask your doctor about the risks and benefits of surgically removing your plantar fibroma. Surgery might put your ballet dancing on hold has you heal, and it could make it more difficult to perform dance moves due to a prospective change in the shape of your arc.

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