Kayaking on Roosevelt Lake in Arizona

Kayaking on Roosevelt Lake in Arizona

Roosevelt Lake is the largest lake in main Arizona, and accommodates a wide range of outdoor activities. While much of the lake is devoted to high-speed watercrafts and jet-skis, Tonto Creek is a less-populated location well-suited to kayaking. The Roosevelt Dam develops the best depth for a day of kayaking. Grab your sun block and kayaking equipment and struck the water for a day of outdoor activity.

Roosevelt Lake

Roosevelt Lake is located in main Arizona, approximately two hours northeast of the Phoenix metro area. The lake boasts 112 miles of shoreline and more than 22,000 square miles of surface area water. The optimum water depth at Roosevelt Lake is more than 300 feet, making it a popular destination for boating, water-skiing, jet-skiing and swimming. The lake is filled with largemouth and smallmouth bass, bluegill, channel catfish and crappie, which likewise makes it a popular area to go fishing. The lake also accommodates kayaking at Tonto Creek.

Tonto Creek

Tonto Creek types from run-off high in the Sierra Ancha Mountains, and streams south by southwest into Roosevelt Lake. Tonto Creek just runs throughout monsoon period, which is during the fall. The creek can get quite difficult when it’s at high water. Access the kayak location from the banks of Roosevelt Lake, from State Highway 60 or at the Rye Creek assemblage.

Additional Information

The finest time to go kayaking at Roosevelt Lake is simply after the monsoon rains. The kayaking period is limited due to the fact that there’s inadequate water in the creek during clothes dryer parts of the year. There are numerous camping areas at Roosevelt Creek. Christopher Creek and Ponderosa are the only two in close proximity to Tonto Creek. Because there are not areas to acquire materials along the creek, get any food, refreshments or kayaking materials you might need at the Marina Town store prior to you set off. For an included element of entertainment, keep your eyes open for the wide variety of animal and bird types that make their homes along the creek.


Tonto Creek is for hairboat kayaking just. Always wear your life vest even if the water appears calm. Never ever go kayaking along Tonto Creek alone. Take partners who’ve actually been trained in swift water rescue, emergency treatment and CPR. You could come across trees hanging low over the creek, narrow slot drops, barbed wire across the creek and snakes concealing in the grass along the coast. Tonto Creek can also be an unsafe area to kayak since of the boulder gardens found throughout. Stay aware of your environments to prevent injury.