Jogging in Charleston, SC

August 21, 2014
Jogging in Charleston, SC

Jogging is a heart-pumping form of workout that you can do anywhere that’s a sidewalk or trail. Routine physical activity helps you preserve a healthy weight, fend off specific health conditions and enhance your psychological wellness. Charleston, South Carolina, has many stunning places to jog, consisting of parks, domestic streets and trails. Choose a jog that appeals to you, while benefiting from the many sights Charleston needs to offer.

Along the Water

Because Charleston is close to the sea, there are several choices for taking a picturesque jog along the water. Other areas to jog run along rivers or lakes. ‘The The big apple Times’ notes that parts of the city run along the Ashley and Cooper rivers, which can be stunning places to go for a jog, particularly early in the morning. One course runs around Colonial Lake. Or take your jog to the beach.

Through the City

Charleston, South Carolina, boasts numerous landmarks and antique domestic areas. If you enjoy jogging with a metropolitan area, run along Satisfying Street in downtown Charleston up until you reach White Point Gardens. This run takes you through business district and residential Charleston. The Battery and the James Island Expressway take you with downtown and provide views of the water.

Parks and Trails

Charleston has a number of parks and committed running tracks. Hampton Park, downtown near the Citadel, has a 1-mile path and a 0.90-mile physical fitness path. The park is dubious and near auto traffic on Saturday mornings throughout the year, and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings throughout the summer season. The West Ashley Greenway is an 8-mile-long dirt-packed running trail that takes you through residential areas. The run likewise supplies picturesque views of the marsh.


Always let somebody understand where and when you plan to go running. Use caution when running along the coastline. You could wish to put bug spray, mosquitoes have the tendency to be even worse near the water. If you run along locations with traffic, such as the James Island Expressway, be aware of your environments. Frequently drivers aren’t expecting joggers, so pay attention to keep yourself safe.