When my spouse was pregnant, she traveled when along with me to overseas. We have a worry, wondering whether it was safe for my better half to walk with the metal detector at the boarding gate. We fretted that the detector would send out radiation which might present danger to our coming child.

So, I did some truth searching for and recognized that the metal detector does not give off X-ray. As a result, it is safe to pass through it. The steel detector does create low-frequency electro-magnetic field, but its level is very low and insufficient to present any threat to any person, consisting of pregnant women.

In instance the detector makes the warning audio, the security policeman may utilize the stick to examine you. Do not fret since the stick gives off low degree of electro-magnetic too.

The machine which emits X-ray is the one which check your luggage. This device is effectively secured. So, it is your bags, your shoes, your laptop computer as well as your hair shampoo experience the x-rays, and also not you. You would certainly have to put your hand (or yourself) via the curtain of the travel luggage testing equipment to be revealed to significant levels of radiation.

If you still have security worries of being scanned, I recommend you to get a letter from your gynae stating that you are expectant. You can after that ask for a physical pat-down search by a female security instead.

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