Is Liquid Diet a Healthy Option

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Liquid diet plan as the name suggests is a diet plan based on liquids. This implies you’ve to get all your everyday calories by just consuming fluids. However, there are different versions of this diet too. Some need you to consume really limited solid foods and depend mostly on fluids while some versions require you to replace all your meals with fluids.

While on a liquid diet plan, the dieters just consume liquids in the form of shakes and fruit or vegetable juices. This diet is majorly understood to have substantial results in weight loss. But even with such a benefit, the concern remains, is it really a healthy alternative?

Rapid weight-loss is a guaranteed outcome of the liquid diet but it isn’t sustainable. Exactly what’s the point of weight management if you can’t sustain it for a longer time?

Your body requires particular quantity of nutrients and calories to operate well. Liquid diets normally don’t supply the appropriate amount of nutrients and calories. Following a strict fluid diet gradually, can take a toll on your well being and can trigger a lot of signs. The following are a few of the usual adverse effects of a liquid diet plan that doesn’t provide you with the right amount of nutrient.

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Hair Loss
  • Gallstones
  • Loss of Clarity
  • Heart Damage

Even though a liquid diet is an excellent way of slimming down, it isn’t the healthiest means to do so. You could want to follow a specifically created liquid diet from a doctor and do it just under supervision. Integrating a set of healthy strong foods along with your fluid diet plan is also a healthy choice.

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