Interview with Female MMA Fighter Sanja Suevi


27 year old Sanja Sučević is a world kickboxing champ from Kula, Serbia who has competed in greater than 30 kickboxing fights. She comes armed with a professional Mixed Martial Arts (mixed martial arts) record of 4-3-0 as well as has spent considerable time training in India and training Indian boxers. Review this unique job interview to locate everything about this accomplished boxer and also what it takes to remain on top.

Tell us regarding your background.
I began training in Muay Thai as well as kickboxing, as well as I never believed that I would certainly combat Mixed Martial Arts. After 3 years, I began training in Brazilian Ju Jitsu and also started competing in MMA as well.

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Tell us about your diet.

Of program when you’re a boxer, it is regular to be on a stringent diet plan all the time. I do not such as routine diet plans. My diet plan is regular(ish) – I consume boiled or raw vegetables for every meal, I like the last. And naturally, healthy proteins like meat, eggs or fish are the ‘centerpiece’ on my plate. I eat fish on a regular basis. Just before training, I consume carbohydrates like rice or bread for power. And I never ever consume sodas or alcohol.

When did you start training? Describe your routine training regime.

I started educating 8 years back, however after my first session I didn’t leave my fitness center. Every training session of mine is different in some means or the other. I consistently begin a session with a warm-up, that is really important. Afterwards, I deal with my kickboxing, Muay Thai or Brazilian Ju Jitsu methods, together with sparring and strength exercises. I finally end the session via stretches, which are also really important.

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Here’s an example of my exercise routine for the week. Every training session starts with a workout as well as brief extending stint.

I begin my week via practicing techniques (6-7 rounds). After shadow technique, I repeat the go on the bag. I assume that bag training is very essential because you could strike and still work on your technique.

My breaks between rounds are quite short, concerning 30-45 seconds.

I coating my training via stretching exercises.

Tuesday: Today is booked for pads, my preferred component of training. I deal with pads for 7 rounds.

After that I do a few rounds of organized sparring without difficult contact.
I coating training via crunches and also obviously stretches.

Wednesday: I enjoy Wednesday, competing day!

Thursday: Techniques are limited to a few rounds, then I train for a couple of rounds on pads as well as I end my training by striking the mallet on a tyre and functioning out with the workout ropes. As well as of course I function on my abdominals and stretching.

Friday: Time for conditioning as well as circuit cardio, meanings that 3 circles of stations.

Saturday: Sparring again.

Sunday: My day of rest.


What do you do when you’re not training?

So this is always a hard concern for me considering that I can not address like a regular individual. I am a health club proprietor and also have to be in the fitness center each day. If I do not educate, I am a coach for the fighters in my health club. As well as I often tend to spend my free time in the health club. I love my job.

My real totally free day is Sunday. I invest that day with my family.

Any favourite minutes throughout training or fighting?
My favored moment in a fight is certainly when I beat Lena with a back naked strangle in SFL 1. As for training, every training session, every day is my preferred. My favourite-favourite moments are when I train via my sister as well as guy and also when they defeat me up!:)

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You’ve battled below in Mumbai, India. And also you’ve additionally invested significant time training in India. Did you like the encounter?
Yes, I like India a lot, yet greater than the country itself I such as individuals. I was really surprised when I showed up in India for the initial time. The individuals are quite enjoyable, wonderful and also generous.
I love Indian meals also, it’s so delicious!

Was it challenging coaching the novices in BJJ here? Exactly what’s your choice concerning martial arts in India?
It was outstanding to train here via numerous good fighters and also folks. Daniel Isaac and Alan Fernandes are excellent trainers and fighters, via experience to support them up. I took pleasure in functioning via them. As well as it was really really easy to work and train with competitors considering that every one of them have great backgrounds in battle sports and also were constantly excited to find out. The female boxers were excellent, solid as well as clever. I assume that India is greatly enhancing in MMA, and also it will improve with every passing year.

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