Importance of Rest Days in a Workout Plan

Importance of Rest Days in a Workout Plan, fitness

If you are either trying to slim down, or tone and build muscle, you have to have chalked out an exercise plan and diet on your own and pledged to stay with it come what may! As great as that sounds, don’t let the want of the body you imagined turn you into a gym addict! Fitness instructor, Somesh Kamra, tells us about the value of rest days in an exercise strategy.

What Occurs When You Workout:
Whatever workout strategy you follow- gym, yoga, swimming or kick-boxing, your muscles are being broken down. It is when you consume post-workout, that your body builds itself. Your body develops itself when you are not working out. Many people who believe that exercising six days a week is an absolute must, think wrong! Your body needs time to recover and providing it simply one Sunday to do that is insufficient. It needs even more than that.

The Ideal Workout Routine:
Monday, Tuesday- Wednesday (break), Thursday, Friday- Saturday (break) and so on …

To reach your fitness objectives, eating right and resting are both just as vital. Following a routine of workout and appropriate in-between rest will give you better fitness results. What you eat in the hour just before working out is important. If you think appearing some bread and butter is okay, you’re wrong. Your body tends to take in fat the most quickly just before and especially ideal after an exercise. Make sure you consume a meal that is heavy in proteins, for instance eggs are a healthy exercise treat. Include fruits and juices too.

Resting properly will likewise reduce the opportunities of injury and muscle soreness. Also, if you do not give your body sufficient time to recover, chances are tiredness will certainly set in and keep you from completing your week’s workouts sufficiently.

Tip to Ensuring Adequate Rest in between Workouts:
It’s an excellent concept to alternate in between intense and simple sets and include variations to your workout routines everyday.

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