Earlier today I wrote “GULP! I’m a Caretaker!”. I confessed exactly how scary that was and exactly how unaware I occasionally have to do with all of it.

The Humor of It All

However, that leaves a great deal of area for amusing events. Thankfully, both my mommy, other half, and I have respectable detects of humor. Which is great, since as my fellow bloggers Aimee and also Beth have actually both created in previous posts, laughter readies medication. (And also not just my mom might stand a big dosage of that at this point!)

Humor had a chapter all its very own in Maintaining Busy: A Handbook of Activities for People with Dementia. The author emphasized the relevance of locating wit in daily situations, making inside jokes, or just being confident to be foolish.

Silly comes normally to me anyway, so I was in luck. But we’ve located other things to poke fun at besides my bumbling methods also.

Fangs and Nose Hoses

In my house, every little thing gets a label. My other half (Willie), the animals (as well various to name, but click on this link to read a short article I blogged about that), my cars and truck (Nissy), Wayne’s vehicle (Taz), my mommy’s sunglasses (Sunnies), even my mama (Mama Llama or Mamo).

Naming her cannula, the tube that links to her oxygen and goes in her nose, was foregone conclusion. Yet my mama in fact generated the first label for it: fangs. (The tubes she inserts right into her nose really do appear like fangs.)


So now when I hook her approximately her taking a trip container I claim, “Time to obtain your traveling fangs on.” When we get back it’s “Off with the traveling fangs, on with the in-home fangs.”

Sometimes my mother neglects to put it back on (accidentally on objective, she despises wearing it), as well as when I breast her I claim, “Hey, you’re missing your nose hose. Where is it?” This does not always obtain a chuckle, but it usually gets a smile.

Humor is Catchy

My mom is a little a jokester herself. It captures individuals off-guard due to the fact that they see a frail-looking old girl on oxygen and also presume she’s innocent.

Take the lady at the car rental area the other day. (I entered a crash and yesterday was leave day to get Nissy dealt with.)

The girl asked if we intended on taking the car from state. I drank my head no but my mom mumbled under her breath, “Relies on the car you offer us. We might if we like it sufficient.”

” Just what’s that?” the car rental girl asked politely.

My mother chuckled as she duplicated herself. That gave the vehicle rental lady a good guffaw.

A Laugh a Day

That’s the objective in our home. We try to find a minimum of one thing to laugh regarding daily. (Normally pet-inspired, such as when one of our pet cats worked with our canine to label team lizards recently or when Murph goes after bumbles in the yard as we plant flowers.) The good news is, most days we handle to surpass our quota.

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