How Track Stars Get in Shape

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Track stars aim to be in their best shape when they face such crucial races as national championships, the Olympic Games or the IAAF World Championships. Track stars also get into shape to attack nationwide or world records, or to take part in a series of high-profile occasions such as the Diamond League meetings in Europe. Track stars can not be in their finest shape throughout the year, so they make use of a method referred to as periodization to make sure that they can perform well at the most vital events.


Periodization indicates breaking a training program into blocks that accomplish specific objectives and bring an athlete to several peaks that coincide with key races. Athletes running distance events approximately 10,000 meters might go for 2 peaks in the year. In the fall, they’d aim to win cross-country or roadway races to show their endurance. In the summer season, they’d target titles on the track. Sprinters could likewise go for two peaks– one for the indoor period in fall and early winter season, and the second for the major outdoor track period in the summertime. Leading track stars might aim for a supreme peak at the Olympic Games held every four years, with intermediate peaks in other champions or qualifying events.


To reach those peaks, track stars break their training into phases. A simple example of a periodization program is a duration of enhanced training volume, followed by a decrease in volume and an increase in intensity so that the athlete becomes accustomed to the speed of his racing distance. Middle range runners, as an example, could add to 100 miles weekly at a fairly slow-moving pace throughout winter season and spring. As the summer racing period strategies, they minimize their regular mileage and include even more interval training sessions, such as 10 times 400 meters at target pace for 1,500 meter races. As the target championship techniques, they reduce their regular mileage even further and consist of quicker interval sessions to reach the champion date fresh and sharp.

Training Goals

The objective of periodization is to improve various elements of the athlete’s efficiency at the appropriate time during the year. Each duration must’ve a certain training goal. Practicing objectives for a top sprinter racing as much as 400 meters consist of developing core strength, enhancing speed stamina and enhancing basic speed.


A sprinter’s program usually starts in the fall when the track season has finished. The focus would be on core strength and low-intensity running over longer ranges to build the endurance necessary to keep speed throughout a race. During the winter season, the sprinter would maintain that routine. In spring, sprinters would gradually increase training speed and intensity, along with enter races over or under their main range to examine their basic speed or speed stamina. During the track season, sprinters race regularly, intending to enhance their finishing times so that they reach their target event in peak type.